Asheville Wedding Photography – Rick & Shilpa

May 20, 2019

Rick & Shilpa are an amazing couple who decided to join their families and cultures in their own special way. In March they brought their very closest friends and family for a small and intimate American wedding ceremony at a mountain top home in Asheville, NC. They will have a full Indian ceremony next month in June.

While the hope of almost every couple is to have a bright sunny day for their wedding, it is not always the case. But what is almost always the case, is that weather can make for the most amazing mood, feeling and exquisite photos. And this day was no exception. The clouds engulfing the home never let up, and we made the most of it. For a mood that you could never create on a sunny day.

After the ceremony, rather than go directly downtown for dinner, everyone stopped into a local bar and watched Carolina beat Duke in basketball. Then it was on to a private dinner of tapas at the famous Curate.

Curate was supposed to be just dinner a few toasts, and a small cake. No dancing, and no first dance. But they did want a few photos downtown at night if possible.

So I stepped outside to look around, and heard a busker playing small ukulele 2 doors down in the street under an awning. It was immediately obvious what we needed to happen.

I explained to the busker I wanted her to play a first dance song for a couple who just got married. She asked what she should play. “You’re the musician, you decide”. (She ended up playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow).

I went back got Rick, explained to him to grab an umbrella, Shilpa, and walk outside and have a first dance. I don’t think he quite fully grasped what was going to happen, and neither did the busker (who later admitted she didn’t realize it really was a bride and groom, and she really was playing their first dance song). And Shilpa didn’t have any idea of what was happening.

So under the rain, on a sidewalk in downtown, amidst people walking past, and many people stopping, watching, filming and crying (More strangers were crying at this unexpected act of love than at a “traditional wedding first dance”) – Rick & Shilpa had a very emotional, intimate and unexpected first dance.

And that is the perfect way to end their first wedding. Because next month, it’s going to be the complete opposite. And it will just as spectacular.

And I should add, it was a great pleasure working with videographers Mackenzie and Phillip of the famous Inkspot Crow. They were true pros, a joy to work with, and completely invisible during that first dance. Word is their video is exceptional, and I expected nothing less. Beautiful hair and makeup by Wendy Balance of Blush Asheville; and lovely flowers by Stacey Brown at The Bloom Room. The great tasting cake was by 50/Fifty The Art of Dessert.

Cheers to Rick & Shilpa! See you in June :)