by Sarah K.

We are so glad we chose Hooman as our photographer for our wedding!

We got married at Duke Chapel and had our reception at the Cotton Room, and Hooman had a lot of experience at both venues, which was part of the reason we chose him. He was there from when we started getting ready at 9am until we left the reception at midnight... a VERY long day! With the gap in between our ceremony and reception, it was great to not have to worry about paying for extra hours over 8-9 hours, which is what we would have had to do with most other photographers. Hooman was professional and very fun to work with, and was great with our family and guests. Also, he was great at getting the formal family pictures and other portraits done quickly and efficiently, which was very important to my husband who is not a fan of taking pictures. Our pictures turned out beautifully, now we just have the difficult choice of picking which ones we want to get printed to frame... not an easy task! I would recommend Vesic photography to anyone getting married in NC.

 by Hannah G.

Incredible photographer!! 

We could not have been more pleased with Hooman as our wedding photographer! From the moment we booked with him, he made it a priority to find out exactly what our vision was for the day and to capture everything of importance to us. He spent the entire wedding day with us, from getting ready in the bridal suite to our sparkler exit! He managed to get so many shots of all the big momentous parts as well as the smaller intimate moments with our closest family and friends. He made my husband and I feel so comfortable and at ease with our individual pictures, as if he wasn’t even there. Even the large family and wedding party group shots were smooth and seamless because of his organization and attention to detail! I could not recommend Hooman and Vesic Photography more highly - he was truly wonderful and made our favorite day one that we will cherish and remember forever.

 by Anu & Soummya

Hooman is an amazing human being and artist!

He is the first person we hired for our wedding and I would argue the best investment we made for the wedding. His ease, friendless, and calm demeanor are still all still things my family talk about. Not to mention, the photography was just as we expected from him: top notch! Hope to see him again at a future family event that he can capture! Cheers, Anu & Soummya

 by Hillary C.

The best decision we made for our wedding:

I cannot express enough how amazing Hooman was as our wedding photographer. His work absolutely speaks for itself, check out his website and you’ll see how incredible his eye is, but even more than that, his personality and approach to the day was above and beyond. Even though we had only spoken on the phone, on the day of our wedding we felt like Hooman was a trusted friend. He provided such perfect guidance to make sure we got the beautiful shots and also was incredibly attentive to our needs on such a stressful day. All of our guests couldn’t stop raving about how much they loved that he was able to capture the intimate moments and silliness without making anyone feel distracted by the camera. The photos he took will be something we treasure forever. Cross your fingers he’s not already booked, because it’ll be the best decision you make.

 by Elizabeth A.

Hooman is brilliant, hilarious, and incredibly kind.

It was both super fun and relieving knowing he was our photographer for our special day! Hooman took the time to learn about us and our families and was there for every special moment. His photo journalism style is incredibly beautiful and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best!

 by Amanda H

Excellent communicator.

Transparent pricing and policies. Professional and easy to work with. We loved his style and our wedding photos. Would give more stars, if possible.

 by Katie M

I simply cannot say enough good things about Hooman.

While his eye and his talent are obvious in the moments he captures, the professionalism and ability to make me feel at ease in front of the camera was outstanding! I am in awe of the genuine photos he captured of my husband, family, and friends on the best day of my life!

 by Hilary H.

Purely genius:

Vesic/Hooman was the best decision we made in our wedding planning process. There aren’t words to say what an amazing person he is and what he was able to capture in his photographs. They are pure artistry. You will feel like he was a guest at your event but was everywhere at the same time, capturing all of those things you can’t possibly see. We cannot thank him enough.

 by Emily G.

Amazing wedding photographer:

Hooman was outstanding. Very responsive from the get-go (about a year out from the wedding). His work is phenomenal, and I was happy his personality was calm, cool, and collected to boot! We had trying weather day-of, and he kept me at ease the whole day, providing alternatives when certain things didn’t pan out. We ended up pushing back family photos and he got them done so quickly, but without making us feel rushed. He was always in the right place at the right time and captured all the great moments. I can’t recommend him enough.

 by Grace M.

Best Wedding Photographer!

I can't say enough good things about Vesic Photography. Hooman was amazing from the day we hired him until the he got our photos back to us after the wedding. He is responsive, kind and easy to work with. We had some bad weather on the day of our wedding, but he went with the flow and supported all of our decisions. He captured every special moment without us even realizing he was there. We are so lucky to have hired Hooman as our wedding photographer. The photos we received were beyond our expectations. We would recommend Vesic Photography to any and everyone!

 by Michelle B.

Wonderful person, talented photographer: Our family and friends loved having Hooman involved on our wedding day! He has an incredible personality and was amazing to be around. He was very professional but also knows how to have a great time! We took some really fun & creative pictures. We feel so lucky that he was a big part in documenting our special day!

 by Shelley S.

Amazing!! Book now!! : We knew Vesic Photography was the guy for us!! We first fell in love with all his photos. We booked him ASAP and knew we made the right decision.
He was so helpful, talented and in charge! Couldn’t ask for more beautiful photos :)

 by Cathy D.

I can not recommend Hooman (Vesic Photography) enough. He was kind, calm, extremely professional and had great creative vision. He was patient with all the crazy family we had and never said no to any request. Most importantly, the pictures are GORGEOUS. The best decision we made in our wedding was hiring this guy.

 by Kimberly W

Working with Hooman was, without question, one of the best decisions we made when it came to wedding vendors. He is incredibly responsive and easy going on the day of the wedding. He was there from the early morning to the end of the night. He captured pictures in an authentic way making my husband and I feel comfortable and letting us do what we were comfortable with while making us look like we were professional models. The photos are breathtaking and we cannot thank him enough. We look forward to looking at these pictures for years to come.

 by Leiana S.

We found Hooman by accident and we couldn't be happier we did! We fell in love with his artwork, because let’s be honest, he isn't just a photographer, he is a true artist! Every picture is stunning! I had the best vibe from him in our first conversation, I could hear the excitement in his voice when he was discussing ideas for our wedding. This is his passion and it's so very clear. My dad said it best, Hooman was everywhere and nowhere at the same time! We never noticed him snapping shots, but he was right there anytime we needed him! We had the best time with him all day traveling around for pictures! His heart is just as beautiful as his artwork and we were so lucky to have him with us on our special day!!

 by Laura D.

The best choice any bride can make: Every single aspect of working with Hooman surpassed all expectations. From the quick reply to my first email all the way through to receiving the most unbelievable, breathtaking photos you could possibly imagine of our wedding. Working with him the day of our wedding was a dream. He is a complete professional and made the process so easy. I knew I was in good hands and could just relax (well as much as any bride can) and just follow his lead. Not only did I feel that way, but I had multiple people from the wedding party and even guests comment that he was the best photographer they had ever seen at a wedding. And although I am biased and think these are the best photos ever captured of a wedding, I have had countless people reach out expressing how in love they are with the pictures and how impressed they are with the emotions he was able to capture. Not only do I have gorgeous photos to look at, but I get to relive how my husband, parents, family, and friends felt throughout the most important day of my life. We truly cannot thank Hooman enough for so perfectly capturing our day.

 by Stefanie I

Extremely Talented!: Absolutely amazing! We were struggling to find a photographer for our wedding and our videographer recommended Vesic, which soon turned out to the best decision we made! Hooman was extremely professional, flexible and personable. He was a fan favorite of our families, wedding party and was even out on the dance floor in the middle of the action, capturing priceless moments and emotions. His pictures are spectacular and organic, which has allowed us to authentically relive our wedding from beginning to end. We highly recommend Hooman and just wish we had more lifetime moments to hire him for!

 by Amanda C.

Hooman is the "best!" : If you want once-in-a-lifetime photos to match your once-in-a-lifetime wedding, choose Vesic Photography! Luckily for our family, we’ve gotten to work with Hooman twice! A little back story is that my sister discovered Vesic Photography for her own wedding. She got married in North Carolina in December 2015, and we all immediately fell in love with his work. He is professional while still acting like a guest at your wedding. It’s fantastic! I won’t rewrite my sister’s review, but her photos are stunning.
Two years later, my husband and I got engaged. Without any hesitation, my sister and I started a group text with Hooman (yes, we kept in touch!) asking him to photograph our wedding, and he said yes! I realized how rare it is for a couple to repeat a vendor from a wedding they’ve attended—even ones that are in the same town. But I think we wanted Hooman to photograph our wedding as well because his photos truly are unmatched.
Ultimately, we hosted our wedding in Savannah, Georgia over Labor Day weekend. Hooman had scouted out great locations for photos, but we easily adjusted the plan when it became too hot. All the while, he reassured us that a wedding is not a photo shoot, which allowed us to just relax and enjoy every second of our wedding day! Hooman was able to capture the joy and beauty of the day better than we could have imagined! We are so thankful that we have will have these photographs forever.
Whenever our friends and family see our photos, they have the same reaction: “Hooman is the best.” You can’t look at a photo that he takes and say anything differently—it’s impossible (in my opinion). And the fact that everyone knows Hooman’s name speaks for itself too. :) #teamhooman

 by Cathy D.

I can not recommend Hooman (Vesic Photography) enough. He was kind, calm, extremely professional and had great creative vision. He was patient with all the crazy family we had and never said no to any request. Most importantly, the pictures are GORGEOUS. I cannot stop looking at them. Everyone who has seen our photos has raved about them. They literally look like they belong in a magazine. I love how creative they are, the lighting, the special moments he captured, and how good everyone looks in them. The best decision we made in our wedding was hiring this guy.

 by Kelli W.

Knowledgeable and experienced wedding photographer! : Hooman was amazing!! We were recommended to him by a coworker and the second I saw his photos, I knew he had to do our wedding as well. He is extremely knowledgeable, down to earth, and so relaxing to work with. Capturing intimate moments between the bride and groom is not an easy task but he made it so! We decided to not do a first look and I knew that would take time away from our guests and cocktail party. However, Hooman is extremely efficient and knew exactly where to place everyone and the photos turned out amazing. Trust me and the other reviewers, it will be the best decision you'll ever make!

 by Dana M.

Hooman was AMAZING!! I can't imagine a better wedding photographer. We loved the candid style of his photos, and he was so efficient with all of the posed shots and first look etc. that our day really flowed smoothly. He was basically our second wedding planner: in preparation for the big day, and on the day of. Our guests and family even raved about how much they loved him. He also got the pictures back to us (both engagement and wedding) very quickly so we could share them with our family.

 by Becca O

Hooman is unbelievable. He has so much energy! He also has an amazing eye for lighting and the perfect pictures. He ONLY does wedding photography, and that is a big part of our choice in using him. He was very receptive to what my husband and I wanted, and was willing to adjust to add new pictures to our list (we happened to have a full moon on our wedding night, and he worked with us to find time to get pictures with the full moon). We cannot wait to see the final product, but know it will be amazing based on the quick looks he gave us during the wedding celebration. He is one of the best decisions (and second decision) we made after our engagement. There are not enough positive words for Hooman and his work. Everyone loved working with him and were so impressed by his shots.

 by Brittany C.

VESIC Photography exceeds all expectations! : Hooman is brilliant. We wanted someone who would capture our genuine emotions and help us relive our wedding for years to come. He exceeded our expectations and I cannot imagine more perfect photos of our wedding day. Additionally, from the day that we chose him as our photographer, he was much more than that. He offered advice when asked, helped us choose other vendors, took stunning engagement photos (while hiking a mountain with us), helped plan the agenda for our wedding day, and even had discussions with us about science. It was truly a pleasure to get to know Hooman.

 by Sheena O.

Hooman was so, so amazing! From the beginning, he was incredibly responsive and organized and made us feel at easy. My husband and I did a private elopement in the woods, and Hooman was able to lay out a vision for how our day would go. He was so easy to work with and just a real all-around stand-up guy who's is truly talented behind a camera. You won't regret booking him for your event!

 by Sarah M.

I've known Hooman for about 5 years now, and from the first time we met, I knew I wanted him to be the photographer whenever I got married. He has a way of capturing all of the beautiful moments without you realizing it, until you get your pictures back and remember them all over again. Our wedding was in April, and once we knew that it was more likely to rain all day than not, I still never worried about the weather. Hooman makes everything beautiful, even without staging it. He is so much fun to work with, and is worth every last penny. I would highly recommend Hooman to anyone and everyone.

 by Samantha W.

My wife and I had no idea our experience with Vesic Photography would be as amazing and impactful as it was. For our wedding we wanted to take photos that were fun, unique, and artsy. That's exactly what we got (and more!). We had SO much fun taking photos around Downtown Raleigh with Hooman and simply going with the flow. In looking at the finished products, Hooman captured the day in ways we never thought were possible. Our emotions of love and excitement came rushing back just by looking at them. Partnering with Vesic Photography was no doubt one of the best parts of our wedding day and the lasting memories we have.

 by Mackenzie D.

Hooman was undoubtedly the best choice I made for my wedding! We had heard so many great things about him and he lived up to absolutely every expectation. He made me so comfortable the whole day and went along with everything I wanted and envisioned for the day. He got every shot we wanted without being in the way or us noticing him at all. He was great throughout the day, but we really enjoyed our intimate couple shots the best. He made it a special time for us and allowed us to have fun and enjoy each other as newlyweds, rather than feeling like we're missing the party for staged photos. Every photo was truly amazing and a work of art. We loved working with Hooman!! You will not regret hiring him as your wedding photographer!

 by Amelia C.

Hooman is the best. I couldn't be happier with my decision to hire him for our wedding and engagement photos. He has a great eye for framing amazing pictures and the quality of his work is stunning. Hooman takes the time to get to know his clients so he can capture all the small, special moments that mean the most. If you are looking for a photographer that can go beyond the posed family pics (although those are great too) and capture the real essence of your event, Vesic Photography is absolutely the way to go.

 by Neha D.

Just like the other 122 people that have loved Hooman before me, I am guilty of being absolutely in love with Hooman's work. I first met him at my cousins wedding and was sure that I would have him as my wedding photographer whenever I got married (i was single then ;))
Hooman was incredible from Day 1. From all the pre-wedding discussions to helping us plan our timeline. He was there on time with all his energy and positive outlook and so determined to make everything happen for us including our mountain photoshoot which was an hour away!
I knew the pictures would be great but to see what a magnificent job he has done is truly inspiring. We are in love with every single picture and are so glad he captured our day so well that we can re-live it anytime we want through his lens <3

 by Amanda K.

After Hooman photographed 4 of my cousin's weddings and my brother's wedding it was a no brainer to ask him to photograph ours. His pictures are amazing!
From the very beginning, Hooman was so easy and flexible to work with. He responded to emails extremely fast and provided us with the tools to let him know what we were looking for the day of our wedding. He arrived at our venue first thing in the morning and stayed the entire evening. Our whole day was captured. He gave great advice, suggestions and tips when posing (for someone who doesn't typically like to be in pictures he made this process very easy and comfortable). He captured our reception and got amazing candid pictures. He was not invasive like some photographers can be. You barely knew he was there but somehow we got over 1,000 of the most beautiful pictures and memories I've ever seen. He's able to capture feelings in his pictures. We are so thankful he was able to photograph our wedding.

 by TeriLyn

I knew Hooman would be good, but I had no idea he would be THAT good. My husband and I were instantly comfortable around him. He's professional but very funny, kind, and easy to be around - and that's all key for pictures turning out well. Our photos are even more amazing than I expected - and I had high expectations from him! :) His photography captures entire stories, moments and emotions with just one shot. His pictures are more than pictures - they are art. If there is ONE thing you prioritize for your wedding, prioritize booking Vesic Photography, even if it means changing your wedding date -- and I mean that seriously. He's worth it.

 by Julie G.

Vesic Photography was by far the best vendor at our wedding. Hooman has an amazing eye for photos, a very relaxing personality, and knows exactly what he's doing. His experience, knowledge, and kindness were invaluable on the day of our wedding. It was a pleasure to have Vesic photograph be a part of our day and lifelong memories. I'd hire him again 1,000 times over. Plus, the photos turned out amazing!


 by Kanani Z.

Hooman is amazing. I can not imagine anyone else taking the pictures at my wedding. He is so prepared. He looked up the time sunset was to make sure we were at the location I wanted for sunset photos. We haven't gotten the photos back, but I know they are going to be awesome. The day after the wedding he sent me a preview of one of the photos. If I have any other event he will be my photographer.

 by Alok S.

Awanti and I first met Hooman when he photographed my older brother's wedding in 2013. We were not only blown away by his photography but for his genuine compassion and care in getting to know us as a family. We unequivocally knew then that we would want Hooman to be our photographer one day when we got married. Flash forward four years to labor day weekend of this year, it's the biggest weekend of our lives, and Hooman picked up right where we left off without missing a beat. His creativity and excitement is always refreshing, and he took our wedding aesthetic to an echelon we could not have expected. Ultimately, Hooman understood our vision, because he took the time to understand us people. Our wedding was about having fun and being in love. When we look back at our photos, we are brought back to those same emotions, and that's how we know we made the right decision. Hooman has the rare ability to identify with his clients personally, exceed their expectations professionally, and be humble throughout it all. We were lucky to have had Vesic Photography represent our wedding, and if you are in need of a photographer, we urge you to do the same!

 by Kathryn T.

This is actually the first review I've ever written for anything, ever. It's just usually not something I do. But If I can convince just one person to go with Hooman (on top of all of the other glowing reviews on this site) it would be worth it.

Getting a great photographer is super important - not only will you remember your wedding largely through your photos, but this person will also be following you around and capturing the most emotional moments between you and your partner and loved ones on your wedding day. Hooman blew us away on both fronts. He is a genuinely kind, wonderful person and it was honestly a pleasure to share our wedding day with him. He also struck the perfect balance between giving us guidance on how we positioned ourselves for great photos but also just let us be natural and ourselves, so nothing felt forced. He was also super fast with the few formal photos we did, which was very important to us since we didn't want our day to feel like a photoshoot.

And the photos - the photos are simply incredible. I honestly can't stop looking at them. He just captured the look and feel of the day perfectly. It's so gratifying to be able to look at them and see all of the time and thought we put into the wedding reflected back of us. But most importantly, you can just see the emotion, joy, and love on everyone's faces. Being able to look back and see my mom's happiness when she hugged my new husband after the ceremony, my dad's pride as he walked me down the aisle, my grandfather cracking up at someone's joke at the reception, my college friends' joy as they danced the night away, (I could go on) - having those moments captured is truly priceless. (And speaking of price, his rates are super reasonable, especially since he has no time limit - he started at 9:30am and didn't leave until after midnight, with no extra charge).

TL;DR: Book Vesic photo now. You won't regret it.

 by Melissa A.

We got our wedding pictures back today and the pictures are so beautiful. We are so glad we went with Hooman. He was such a wonderful addition to our wedding day, we couldn't have asked for a better photographer. We can't wait to share the pictures with our friends and family and are so glad to have these wonderful memories captured in our pictures forever!

 by Lizzie W.

There are really not words to describe just how highly I would recommend choosing Vesic Photography to capture your engagement and wedding day, but I'll do my best to explain. Looking at Hooman's work, you can tell right away how talented he is. His ability to capture emotions and the feelings surrounding a certain event or place in time is truly amazing. What you can't tell just from looking at his work is how amazing an experience it is to work with him. From the beginning, he put my now husband and me at ease, beginning with our engagement session several months before our wedding and continuing through to our wedding day. I was especially impressed with his ability to direct our large families and large wedding party. He moved and directed people efficiently, while always sounding so nice doing it. It was really wonderful and allowed me to totally relax knowing he had things under control.

From the minute we reached out to him, communicating with Hooman was a breeze, and his response time was really insanely good. I don't know how he does it to be honest. It is so clear how much he cares and how hard he works.

Multiple people from both the wedding party and the wedding guests commented on how impressed they were with Hooman. With a wedding day being the whirlwind that it is, it is wonderful to have it so perfectly captured and be able to live it over and over through pictures.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a kind, professional, responsive, and extremely talented photographer, look no further than Vesic.

 by Delta K.

Where do I start? Hooman is BRILLIANT and absolutely AMAZING.

After my husband and I got engaged, Hooman (Vesic Photography) was the first phone call we made (after our family and friends).
He has been photographing my husband's family weddings for 10 years now. His personality and passion for photography is electric, and he is a scientist... Being scientist ourselves we could relate to him on so many levels... Nerds!!!!!!!!.
On our big day Hooman was focused, professional and attentive. I am West African (Togo) and Hooman learned conversational Mina to speak to our family members who didn't speak English. I mean how cool is that!!!!!!
HE is amazing behind the lens. Hooman captured the essence and feelings of our special day with an intensive artistic flare. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL.
I told my husband the other night - the only problem we are going to have will choosing our favorites, to frame, because there are just so many amazing shots. The lengths Hooman goes to, to get that perfect shot is a rare find... He is a SUPER human photographer. My husband and I are not the most at ease in front of a camera, and he made us feel really comfortable. I also loved his ability to capture the candid moments throughout the day - from inside the church during the ceremony to reactions of our parents during our first dance - looking at our photos, helped bring back all the amazing memories we made.
We are so grateful to have had Hooman of Vesic Photography present to capture our wedding for us, and strongly recommend him to all, and in a way, it was a family reunion for him and the family. He already knew most of us.
Hooman will be the BEST decision, you will make for your wedding. After all the tears, joy, laughter, all you have left are the photos to share one day with your children and grandchildren.

Thank you Hooman (Vesic Photography) for being apart of our day. YOU are BRILLIANT and have Great talent.

 by Bonnie C.

Everyone who attended my wedding agrees that our photographer was the best part of our entire wedding. Hooman not only took the most gorgeous pictures but also dealt with our annoying/drunk guests with humor & ease. After a few minutes, it was like you forgot he was in the room & he captured the most amazingly candid photos. I recommend Vesic photography to everyone & wish I could get married again just to have more pictures!!

 by Amanda C.

Where to even start with how awesome our entire experience was with Hooman? We met Hooman at our friend's wedding a few years ago and loved seeing him work at their wedding, it was unlike any other wedding photographer I had ever seen in action. After seeing how beautifully their pictures turned out I knew that when we got engaged and set our date that Hooman would be the first person I'd reach out to and book. I had been following his work for years and knew he would be perfect for our wedding before we even hired him! Working with Hooman was absolutely perfect. Not only did our pictures turn out even better than I expected (and I had high expectations :) ), he is timely in his communications, he was SO easy to work with, he makes everyone feel comfortable the day of the wedding, and his personality is just so warm, kind, and fun. I have been getting SO many compliments from family and friends on our wedding photographs, everyone is blown away by how amazing they are and I couldn't agree more! I knew just from meeting him years ago that working with him would be awesome but he went above and beyond to make one of the most important pieces of our wedding day (the pictures) the best experience possible. I am so happy that we will be able to look back on those priceless photos for the rest of our marriage. Thank you for everything Hooman!

 by Karla M.

I can rave about Hooman and his work all day long. From my initial outreach, I was very impressed with his responsiveness and his ability to make an authentic personal connection on our first phone call. After searching for weeks for a style of photographer that wasn't cheesy - I came across Hooman's work and was blown away by his ability to tell a story through his work. My wedding was in upstate New York and it was important to me that someone would be able to capture the beauty of nature in their work. Hooman was my man. Not only did he produce some LEGENDARY photos, he was a dream to work with. How often do your wedding guests talk about how well they liked interacting with the photographer? I mean...every wedding I have been to, I don't remember the photographer, to be honest. Hooman was able to strike a really nice balance of subtlety and connection. I remember on Friday night he mentioned how important it would be for him and I to have a good rapport. Well, that was no problem at all. I wanted to party with him! And I know our guests did, too. Please consider using Hooman as your wedding photographer. He is an absolute gem!

 by Martelle E.

Hooman captured our events, our personalities, and our emotions beautifully! And, not only is he an amazing artist, he was a joy to work with. Genuine, personable, and organized, he made everything easy. Anyone would be lucky to have Hooman photograph their wedding or other event.

 by Lilia L.

I can't even describe how much I loved working with Hooman with Vesic Photography! You can tell he is so passionate about what he does. He is always SO quick to respond to any questions I had and I knew from the first time I spoke with him, that I wanted to hire him as our photographer. He doesn't do packages that limit you to a certain amount of hours- he says he is there for your for your entire day and he really is. That shows how dedicated he is to his work. His images are stunning and he's a pleasure to work with. So happy we found him and were able to have him there on our special day!! Don't wait to hire him, he books up fast :)

 by Amanda L.

I couldn't be happier with the job Hooman did. He was visionary. He found so many amazing shots and was very proactive. We didn't even know he was there but he managed to catch every important moment in the most artistic and beautifully composed way possible.

 by Marla M.

I cannot tell you how amazing Hooman and his photos are. It was an absolute joy to work with him--from our first phone call, to our engagement photos, through our wedding. His photos captured every memory and emotion I have from my wedding day. They showed the intimacy of our ketubah signing, the enchantment of the ceremony, and the ecstasy of the reception. We did not have a videographer because we knew we would never watch it. We wanted to remember our wedding through our emotions and our memories. Hooman's photos allowed us to take our memories, and enhance them, view our wedding forever through the beauty of his photos. They are not the average wedding photo, they are not canned or predictable pictures. They are pieces of art, they are emotions in each image, they are everything we could have wanted. And most of all, he was a pleasure to have at our wedding, not just as a vendor, but as a wonderful person. We cannot recommend Hooman and Vesic photography enough.

 by Jessica S.

We used Hooman and Vesic Photography for our engagement pictures, bridal portraits, and wedding pictures. Choosing him was the first, easiest, and best decision we made for our wedding in October.

All of the images are absolutely incredible. Not a single special moment was missed, so looking at the photos truly is like reliving the day. He has such a creative and talented eye, and makes it so easy to trust and enjoy him. We always felt so comfortable and at ease when working with him, and he does a great job at educating couples about the process and keeping them super informed. On top of all that, he works great with other vendors and does a fantastic job of helping the whole day run smoothly.

We would both wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone!

 by Amy R.

My husband and I were looking for a photographer who could capture the moments of the day in an authentic way. Vesic Photography did just that. We looked through our photos and could remember the moments so clearly because they were captured perfectly. From his grand landscapes to the personal, special first look moments, we could not be happier with our photos... and we have received so many compliments on the photos! Hooman was a pleasure to work with. He was easty-going, very nice and professional... everything you'd want on your wedding day. A lot of the day it was as if he wasn't there, but somehow captured every moment along the way.

If you are looking for unique and beautiful wedding photographs, Vesic Photography is the right vendor for you!

 by AnnMarie H.

I do not have enough amazing things to say about Hooman. From the first time I met him years ago at a photo shoot he was doing to senior photos I knew he was going to be my photographer. We booked Hooman as soon as we got engaged even before the venue. Hooman in fact helped me pick my venue. He was always there to answer any questions before the wedding. The day of the wedding was incredible. He captures every single moment. He made it seem so effortless and made it so personal and so much fun ! He really knows what he is doing as well, we got married at 4pm, the sun and shadows were very hard to work with and you would never know by the photos! Everyone at the wedding loved Hooman and commented on how he was not in your face all night , you wouldn't even know he was there ! Everyone loved him ! Also best dance photos ! He captures everything on the dance floor. One of my favorite memories is looking next to us and Hooman dancing and taking photos at the same time !!!!!!!! It was amazing ! The photos came back and I can't stop looking at them. The whole day is there , he captures everything you could ever want ! I don't even regret not having a videographer since Hooman did our photos. Even the family photos were seamless! Hooman is the definition of the perfect vendor for your wedding!

 by Julie S.

Hooman is awesome! He is such a cool and chill guy, we are so glad that we were able to have him at our wedding! He provides so many helpful materials for the day of to aid in making timelines etc., he really goes above and beyond. He was always very quick to respond to emails as well. I cannot say enough good things about him! And wow the photos are so amazing! He photographed my husband's cousin's wedding a few years ago and after seeing her photos we knew we had to get him to photograph ours as well. Hooman does a great mix of posed shots as well as natural photojournalism style shots so you get a little bit of everything! My husband usually finds taking photos awkward, but on our wedding day he was so at ease. By far one the best vendors we booked for our wedding! Hooman, we hope to see you at the rest of our families' weddings in the years to come!

 by Alex B.

If you've looked at Hooman's website you already know he takes magnificent photos. So this is a review of things you might not be able to tell right away (especially because Hooman is so humble) that make me wish I could give him 6 stars.

1) Interpersonal skills -- it was mind-blowing how effective he was at making everyone feel included, comfortable and at their photographic best. In taking group photos of our families, he immediately knew how to make people relax, smile and create a bunch of beautiful shots with different combinations of people efficiently and with spirit. Impressively, he learned everyone's names and made sure that he also got candid photos of key people throughout the evening.

2) His indefatigable energy -- when we saw the photos we joked that we could have sworn Hooman is actually three people because he was everywhere and always able to capture the moment. We saw him run up and down flights of stairs, lie down in the grass and contort his body in every way possible in service of getting "the shot."

3) Mindfulness -- we stepped outside during sunset to take some couples photos (and we got some incredible shots). In the midst of a fun but time-limited photoshoot, just as the sun was about to dip below the horizon, instead of trying to get one more photo, he reminded us that it was our special day and told us to just relax, embrace each other and enjoy this special moment. He told us he approached the wedding as if he were an honored guest who happens to have a camera, and his humility and mindfulness came through in everything he did.

You have enough things to worry about with your wedding. Just book Hooman now, with full confidence that you are hiring the best.

 by Molly A.

AMAZING. That is the only thing I can say about Vesic and Hooman - working with him from start to finish was an absolute joy, and I absolutely cannot recommend him enough. From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, he was a complete professional and made us feel completely at ease. His work speaks for itself - our pictures are even more stunning then I could have hoped for, and really capture the emotion of our wedding day. Picking him to shoot our wedding was easily the best decision we made that day, and one we would do a thousand times over. Do not hesitate - go ahead and book him!!!

 by Kendra H.

Hooman was wonderful and captured our day perfectly! We are from out of state and had only communicated via phone and email prior to the wedding, but he put us both at ease and made us feel comfortable. I would highly recommend him!

 by Dave S

I can't possibly put into words what our experience with Vesic photography means to us. His work is amazing and all of our guests loved him.

 by Shana H.

There are two main reasons to book Hooman and one of them is obvious: his work is gorgeous. Whether it's a sprawling landscape or a tiny detail, whether it's a posed portrait or a candid expression, Hooman captures natural (occasionally hilarious) human moments in a way that looks unique and artistic without feeling fake.

However, the second reason isn't quite as obvious just from glancing at a few photos: Hooman is a complete professional and lovely person. Starting with our very first email exchange, Hooman was organised, responsive and just NICE. He even organised tickets for us to see his brother's new (great) movie when it featured in our city's film festival.

You won't need to worry about unanswered emails or uncertainty with Hooman; he's a pro who also happens to be full of reliable industry advice. This guy is ALWAYS on the ball and a dream to have around on your wedding day, all chilled out and cool and never invasive. Example: when a well-meaning guest interfered with our portraits, he shut them down in a way that was funny and polite, making for a fun little memory instead of an awkward confrontation.

In our first conversation, Hooman said his goal was to be the least stressful part of our planning process and he more than delivered on that. It’s rare to find this level of professionalism, talent and benevolence, not just in a wedding vendor but also just, like, on the earth. I promise you won’t regret booking this photographer.

 by Nancy K.

Hooman is the best!! We used Vesic Photography for our wedding this July, and also for engagement and bridal photos. He made us feel so comfortable from the first time we met with him, gave us great tips about how to make sure our wedding day went as smoothly as possible, and was always professional and accommodating. Hooman was with us for our entire day, and did such a wonderful job capturing every moment. Each time we look back at the pictures, we feel like we are living it all over again. Not to mention, everyone at our wedding couldn't stop talking about how much fun our photographer was. We absolutely could not be any happier with our decision to choose Vesic Photography, and Hooman was definitely the best choice we made for our wedding!

 by Chloe S.

I have been stalking his work for a few years now and have always known I wanted to ask him to shoot my wedding. Hooman is a true artist, not just a man with a camera as so many wedding photographers are these days. He has such an eye for seeking out the perfect spots to shoot and the exact lighting to capture the best images. He has an amazing inherent ability to gauge proportions and frame each and every shot which is a real gift, this cannot be taught. My father who is an international sculptor and work all over the world says that Hooman is truly gifted and one of the absolute best photographers he has ever come across.

We LOVE the way Hooman shoots - there are some traditional posed formal shots which are great, but the majority of the images are candid shots or are taken in such an unobtrusive manner that it looks (and feels) as though he's not even there, but he is able to capture intimate moments of us as a couple as well as our wedding guests, thus evoking a "feeling" in each and every image and this is exactly what you want on your wedding day. We have had so many of his images printed on huge canvases around our house that people come in and think it's art that we have purchased. So many of his images look like print ads for high-end products or destinations, they are meant to be framed and seen by all! We are running out of room on our walls - is it bad to start putting photos on the ceilings!?

Hooman is very professional, but is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He's funny and cool and has an energy about him that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and we are happy to call him a good friend now. Every time I look at any of his photos, it brings tears to my eyes because I'm taken right back to those happy moments and being able to be taken back to that time is exactly what you want in a wedding photographer. Hooman is outstanding in every way as a photographer, an artist and a wonderful human being.

 by Catherine S.

Hooman was an absolute dream to work with. He is extremely helpful, responsive, open, and fun. We are so pleased with our pictures from the wedding and the experience we had with him. He made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. If you take a look at his blog, I think his work speaks for itself. I don't think we could have found a better photographer!

 by Sarah K.

We couldn't have had a more perfect photographer for our wedding. I found Vesic Photography while researching Persian-American weddings in North Carolina shortly after getting engaged in July 2015. Not only did Hooman have a wonderful portfolio of work from Persian weddings in North Carolina, but I was delighted to find out that he is Persian - his ability to communicate in Farsi was greatly appreciated by our Persian guests. He was also able to share a lot of helpful ideas since his own wedding was a Persian-American event. When I contacted him, he immediately made time to talk to me on the phone to share ideas. After meeting with him in person and seeing more of his work, we knew that we had to set our date around his schedule. Everything about working with him was easy and professional. Even our guests commented on how wonderful he was. Hooman was with us from the beginning of the day until the last guests had left and had our sneak peak photo ready the day after our wedding (it even made the Huffington Post). We had the rest of our photos one month later - even sooner than expected. Vesic Photography is worth every penny of the investment. We hope to have the pleasure of working with him again for other special events in our lives. While his pictures speak for themselves, Hooman's warmth and charisma truly sealed the deal. We could not be happier or more grateful for how he captured our day!

 by Samantha C.

We could not have asked for a better experience with Hooman at Vesic Photography! He is very organized, responsive to any questions and was very crucial in helping us lay out our day of timeline. He clearly has so much experience on how weddings are run, we wish he could have been our planner too! He has a very creative and artistic vision, so if you like his style after looking at his previous work, just go with the flow and let him capture your day. He truly is a 5 out of 5 photographer and we absolutely love our photos!

 by Rayhaan A.

Hooman is an incredible photographer, and an even more amazing person! It was truly a pleasure to work with him; his responsiveness, patience, and humor really helped my wife and I through the planning process, and his creativity and professionalism on our wedding day yielded the most beautiful shots! His pictures tell a story, and really capture the raw emotion of the moment; despite working solo, he was able to capture so many angles/perspectives. We particularly loved his use of black and white. Our pictures continue to bring a tear to our family and friends' eyes, and so many of his pictures are featured on Huffington Post Weddings (ours included)! We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a genuinely passionate, caring, and talented photographer. Over the last 15 months he's not only exceeded our expectations as a vendor, but has also become a good friend!

 by Chandni P.

We can’t say enough great things about Hooman! He was our wedding weekend photographer and we were completely blown away by him and his services. We booked Hooman after seeing his work online and were true novices with the whole process. Unsure of what to do and what we wanted, we left it up to Hooman to guide the way and he did not disappoint. He sought our input, offered his perspectives, and the end results were extraordinary. We absolutely adore all of our photos – they are magical in how they capture the range of sentiments throughout our wedding weekend. Hooman is incredibly talented, open, easy-going, responsive and great to work with. We highly recommend Hooman to anyone look for photography services for their special weekend.

 by Katherine J.

My husband and I got married at Hawkesdene Estate in March 2016. Hawkesdene helpfully supplied a list of recommended vendors for the property. As I began searching for photographers, my primary concern was price. Weddings are pricey and I wanted to keep the "extras" to a minimum. I found a photographer that offered a $1000 contract - which is a third of what any of the other vendors were charging. We interviewed him and he seemed...fine. Competent, responsive, professional. But to do due diligence, I browsed the websites of the other vendors on the list. When I got to Hooman Behrani's Vesic Photography site, he captured my heart and my entire afternoon. I am not a sentimental person, but reading the blog posts he wrote about couples' weddings and seeing the emotion he caught in their photos - I teared up! Not even my own wedding, and I was sniffling. His pictures are captivating, they are art!
I eventually pulled myself away from his site and thought on it for a few days - this is a fair amount of money and I wanted to be sure I wasn't getting caught up in wedding mania. After a week, his photos were still on my mind - I browsed again, and reached out to him through email. He emailed me back immediately and asked to speak to me by phone that afternoon to answer any questions I had. This sounds crazy, but even our first phone call felt like talking to a friend. A professional friend that you'd trust with an extremely important event. :-) His responsiveness, friendliness, and his impressive gallery sold me.
Every interaction with Hooman from first until right now (we're Facebook friends!) is pleasant, rewarding, and thoughtful. He asked me to fill out a pre-wedding survey with pertinent details so that he could fully prepare. The day of, he was on time, friendly, patient and BRILLIANT. He captured every moment in such a beautiful way. And every guest raved about him! When does that ever happen?? Couldn't be happier with our decision!

 by Whitney R.

You can do no better than Vesic. Hooman has endless talent with amazing artistic vision, while being incredibly reliable and a consummate professional. We chose Vesic for our wedding after witnessing his unique approach to wedding photography at our friends wedding and seeing his amazing photos. His photos are by far the best, most interesting, and beautiful of any wedding we have seen. Although based out of North Carolina, Hooman was incredibly responsive and accommodated both our engagement photo session in DC and wedding in New Jersey with incredible ease. His photos are stunning. He is able to capture the day perfectly and in a way that is far less obtrusive than any other photographer we have ever witnessed. Just wait for the photos at your reception. Hooman will be on the dance floor with you and your guests, capturing the moment perfectly. The value of his service is second to none. You should look no further than Vesic for your wedding.

 by Lyndsey M

Wow, where do I even begin? Hooman is truly gifted and is absolutely and undoubtedly the best of the best. His work speaks for itself, but he is also an absolute joy to work. He and made the wedding process (engagement shoot + wedding day) even sweeter. He captured the essence of my husband and I's relationship in each photograph and most importantly he made it simple, easy, and comfortable for us. Photography can end up incredibly posed and super awkward, but I guarantee you won't get that with Hooman. He captures the heart of your relationship with his photos and allows you to relive incredibly special moments in time through his photographs. You will absolutely not regret booking Hooman. I look forward to having him as my photographer to capture other special moments for years to come!

 by Kelly D.

I will start this review by DO IT. Book Hooman with Vesic immediately. Look no further, this is your guy. From the beginning Hooman was incredible to work with - very responsive and extremely professional. The day of he was AWESOME! Everyone at our wedding loved him. He is not in your face abrasive with the camera. Nor does he make you do awkward poses. He is so passionate about photography and that shows. He captures moments that most would overlook. My husband and I just received our wedding photos and they are nothing short of amazing. Hooman's photographs are truly a work of art. I will admit I went over our photography budget a little bit with booking him, but it was worth every single penny and honestly I would've doubled what we paid to work with Vesic photography and have these pictures. Hooman is a rockstar and an essential addition to your wedding.

 by Sara F.

You truly are hiring the BEST of the BEST when you hire Hooman of Vesic Photography. With Hooman, I had full faith that our wedding was in great hands. I had no concerns or worry at all. Marrying the son of a fellow photographer, photography was very important to us and we knew we had to trust another professional. Hooman was extremely professional and had a great personality not just on our wedding day but from the moment we first inquired via email and talked on the phone. Hooman truly has a gift in what he does. He was so efficient, and on point throughout the entire day. Even though we had a timeline regarding what are plans were for picture taking, I had full faith and knew he would know what was best in terms of where we took pictures and in what order. Ultimately, it was so much fun! He communicated with us throughout the entire day and made sure we were good with what his plans were. He was super efficient with family photos and what not and because he made extra time to specifically take pictures of just me and my new husband, we will forever be grateful. That's what the day is all about and even though it was a time for pictures, it allowed the two of us to just enjoy each other and breathe before joining our reception. To have a moment alone. No matter what other vendors you hire for your wedding day, the photographer is the person responsible for capturing everything. After the day is said and done, your pictures are what you are left with, so who you hire should be of utmost importance! With Vesic Photography, we knew we made the right decision.

 by Sherley D.

Hooman was absolutely wonderful, professional, and so much fun to work with. He captured all the special moments of our wedding and made them even more special. You can tell by his enthusiasm that he loves what he does. He is very engaging and many of our guests commented on how much they liked him. He kept us up to date on the status of our photographs and the final product exceeded all our expectations! We highly recommend him! - John & Sherly

 by Beth L.

Vesic Photography was fantastic. I learned more from him than I did my wedding planner. The work he does is phenomenal and he is wonderful to work with. Very experienced and energetic. This was by far the best vendor we chose and he is definitely worth the money. He books up fast though so you need to schedule early on.

 by Shana R.

Hooman is absolutely phenomenal! Not only does he capture some of the most amazing photos I've ever seen, but he's also an amazing person! From the moment my fiance and I met with him, we knew he would be the perfect fit for our wedding. He is very professional and takes his craft very seriously, but is also a ton of fun! We absolutely love the way our engagement and wedding photos turned out and we can't wait to work with Hooman again in the future!

 by Amy S.

AMAZING, SPEECHLESS, FUN, ENERGETIC..... are all words I would use to describe my experience with Hooman and Vesic Photography. Photography was my #1 thing and top priority for me. So, after looking at tons of different photographers online I was lost on how to pick. Everyone's pictures are so pretty. UNTIL I FOUND VESIC PHOTOGRAPHY! His pictures blew me away. They blew my now husband away and lets be honest, most men look at wedding pictures and are underwhelmed haha. Then we spoke on the phone and Hoomans excitement and obvious passion for his work was clear. He encouraged us to go to Charleston for our engagement pictures which was so much fun.

Hooman makes the awkwardness of being in front of a camera for a few hours fun. You don't even feel like you are being photographed and then when the pictures come in the angles and lighting he gets are beyond words. He is so laid back and truly wants you to have the shots you want.

I was nervous at fist only having one photographer at the wedding, you hear so much of "how can one person get everything?" but he truly is everywhere with his cameras ready. So many of my guests after the wedding said to me "your photographer was everywhere, he was awesome".

In short it was worth every penny and then some! This coming from a bride who paid for her own wedding, was my well-spent money. YOU HAVE TO BOOK VESIC!!! You absolutely will not regret it!

 by Claire S.

Hooman was absolutely amazing. The term I hear most about our pictures is "stunning". The relaxed and less posed style he uses adds such a nice touch. I especially like all of his wide angle shots! I was originally nervous about having only one photographer because you hear a lot about multiple photographers, but don't be nervous! He is so committed to being everywhere and getting the shots, you won't miss out on anything. One of the other big pros about Hooman is that you book him for the whole day. He will be there from beginning to end and you don't have to worry about hours, etc. In addition to all of this, he is also AMAZINGLY responsive. After planning a wedding I found responsiveness to almost be my number 1 criteria. The amount of quick email and text responses made the planning a pleasure (i think he probably helped me more with my timeline than my planner). If you are considering booking, do it!! You won't regret it!

 by Kirk M.

Hooman Bahrani and Vesic Photography is one of the best professionals I have ever worked with. From our initial inquiry to the day of the wedding and delivery of our photos, he was responsive, thorough, and courteous and a really great guy to be around! You can tell from his website that his photography is top-notch, but the way he conducts his business really sets him apart. The pictures he delivered looked like they came out of a magazine, and in fact one of them ended up in a few! You're going to look at your wedding photos for the rest of your life, so hire Hooman and rest assured you will enjoy them for years to come.

 by Alpesh R.

Vesic Photography (Hooman) did a great job of coordinating with us throughout the whole process. We lived in the Charlotte and Raleigh area respectively, so our schedules were packed. Hooman was very flexible. We wanted a particular style/setting for our engagement shoot and he picked out the location perfectly. We were also worried about his ability to capture everything that occurs in an Indian/Hindu Wedding as he wasn't Indian, but he exceeded expectations by far. We'd highly recommend Vesic Photography as your wedding photographer!

 by User5327894

Vesic Photography is absolutely phenomenal. Words cannot do justice to his incredible work. Hooman can see a building or tree that most people would completely ignore and place two people in front of it and the end result is pure magic. Hooman is hands down the best photographer in the area and using Vesic photography will be the best decision you make when you need to capture life's important moments!

 by Liz S.

I can't say enough great things about Hooman! I looked at many photographers but especially loved Hoomans pictures and was hoping he would be a fit. From the first phone call we had together, he was nothing but professional with a really great consultative approach. Being a seasoned wedding photographer he had me consider things I had never even thought about like, time of day of the ceremony, where the lighting was coming from, first look, etc. His warm and fun personality was so refreshing and honest and I knew he was it!
My fiancé and I both live in Australia so I was a bit worried about working so far away but Hooman made it SOOO easy. He was quick and happy to answer questions and made me feel at ease that everything would go great.....and of course, it did!
The day of the wedding Hooman showed up and went right to work. He was so friendly and fun to have around and was easy to chat to and made sure the day and photos were set just to how we wanted. He was so great with my family and friends for the posed shots (they all loved him!) but when it came to the ceremony, dinner, dancing, candids - you would have never known he was there.
After looking at the photos of the day - I just couldn't be happier and recommend him more. His professionalism, artistic talent and genuine love for what he does makes him one of the best photographers I have ever worked with.
Thanks again for beautifully capturing all those special moments on our beautiful day, Hooman!

 by Andrew M.

My wife and I had Vesic Photography take our wedding photos, and we couldn't be more pleased. Hooman is a cool, super fun guy to work with. On the day of our wedding, Hooman was like a friend or family member - he blended in with everyone, snapping lots of cool candid shots. He was a very pleasant person to work with and to have around all day.

After the event when we got the pictures back, we were thrilled. The finished pictures were just amazing - Hooman captured all of the color and beauty and smiles and happiness perfectly.

If you're having a wedding and you want amazing pictures, hire Vesic Photography right now :)

 by Elizabeth B

Hooman is absolutely fantastic. He really is an artist and a professional. He's not one of those photographers who does really pinteresty, cutesie photos - his turn out like shots from a movie. You can just tell from the minute you meet him that he's passionate about what he does and he has a real talent for it. It was raining on our wedding day, but Hooman convinced me that it would make for better photos, and from what we've seen so far, he was right. If you want certain shots, he's willing to do them, but I'd just go with what he suggests for the most part, because he knows what he's doing

 by Jennifer R

Vesic Photography (Hooman) was the easiest vendor. He took the BEST photos for our engagement and our wedding and reception. He's very laid back and makes us non-models feel at home during the shoots. He is so much fun and worth every penny!! He also doesn't price things by the hour so you get him the entire day. No nickel and diming. Just an easy flat out rate and he is so worth it. One more thing to say about him is that when I was getting ready, the top clasp was missing and was not going to look great if I couldn't figure something out. He jumped right in and fixed my dress!! If I were you, I'd go with Hooman and Vesic Photography!!! He's the bestttt!!!

 by Jennifer G.

Vesic Photography (Hooman) was the easiest vendor. He took the BEST photos for our engagement and our wedding and reception. He's very laid back and makes us non-models feel at home during the shoots. He is so much fun and worth every penny!! He also doesn't price things by the hour so you get him the entire day. No nickel and diming. Just an easy flat out rate and he is so worth it. One more thing to say about him is that when I was getting ready, the top clasp was missing and was not going to look great if I couldn't figure something out. He jumped right in and fixed my dress!! If I were you, I'd go with Hooman and Vesic Photography!!! He's the bestttt!!!

 by Elizabeth B.

Hooman did a fantastic job with our wedding photos. He is very professional, prompt, and enthusiastic. Many of our guests said that they could tell the photos would be great just by the way he was moving around and looking at the lighting and setting things up. He responded quickly to emails and calls. The photos turned out beautifully, and the slideshow of photos made our parents cry. Hooman also caught so much of the action at the reception. He really captured the personalities of our friends and the feel of the event. We printed out a bunch of photos right away! It did take a while to get the photos back because he was pretty backed up, but they were definitely worth the wait!

 by Nipa B.

Hooman with Vesic Photography was our favorite vendor at our crazy three-day Indian wedding! We had the pleasure of using him for our engagement shoot the year before and we knew at that moment that we had made the right decision! He was always so prompt and gracious. He has this high-flowing energy that even had our guests asking us where did we find such photographer who would literally "run" to every big moment and was there before it happened! He showed up early to every event and had so many awesome ideas. He coordinated the cutest "first look" with my bridesmaids that I still smile when I look at those pictures. After our wedding we had a short window to get ready for the reception and we were exhausted and were contemplating canceling the picture session before the reception. Hooman literally ordered us room service, made us eat, we got ready and literally ran downtown for 20 mins to take pictures which we had told him we had always wanted and he captured some of our favorite pictures from that day! If I could I would give him a million stars!

 by Stacey M.

My husband and I were absolutely thrilled when receiving our wedding photos from Hooman. The pictures were stunning! When choosing a photographer, we knew we wanted someone who had a lot of experience with weddings since we were going to be looking at these pictures forever. And Hooman was the right choice. He knew exactly what he was doing. He captured the day perfectly, and we couldn't have asked for a better photographer!

 by User5128362

Hooman is the man!!!! I have only seen a handful of our photos but I cannot wait to see the rest. He is amazing and totally captures everything....even things I would have missed he was everywhere all night and caught some awesome moments. His prices are great, his work speaks for itself, and he's a such a cool guy. Not once did I feel stupid posing or smiling or anything...he is the only photographer that hasn't made me fee like a complete cornball. He totally rocked our socks off!

 by Wendy L.

My husband & I will recommend Vesic Photography for the rest of our lives! We can't stop looking at our wedding photos! Hooman Bahrani is absolutely in a league of his own. I loved working with him one-on-one for my bridal session prior to the wedding--something I recommend for all brides! His eye for capturing a moment and personality will make you feel like a supermodel! We'd love to book him for every occasion.

 by User5006813

As an architect and a perfectionist, I spent weeks researching photographers until I found someone I felt confident would handle our wedding photography to the most exacting standards. With that in mind, I can say Vesic Photography was one of the best choices we made for our winter wedding. Not only is Hooman an awesome person to work with, but he has a gift for capturing truly memorable moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. I can't even remember the number of people that remarked on Hooman's professionalism and charisma on our wedding day, not to mention the amazing pictures he took. It was a nice surprise when he emailed us the first day of our honeymoon with a link to one of our photo's as the lead picture for the Huffington Post's wedding page! Do yourself a favor and choose Vesic Photography for your wedding; I promise you won't regret it!

 by Andrea B.

Hands down the easiest and best decision we made in our wedding planning. Hooman quickly becomes a staple throughout the day - integral in making sure things move smoothly, unobtrusive yet completely a part of the crowd by the end of the night. From the moment we booked him, he was attentive and responsive, and amazingly helpful throughout the planning process. I have never seen anyone work as tirelessly yet effortlessly as Hooman - he was everywhere at once, guiding shots when he needed to (which was great for us, because I was nervous about all the photos and he made us instantly at ease!) and knowing when to take a step back to ensure intimate moments were still personal and never felt staged. He was with us from the first steps of getting ready that morning, to breaking it down on the dance floor at the end of the night. I could go on endlessly about his professionalism, insane eye for breathtaking shots, and super personable nature, but I will just say, I will instead reiterate - it was easily the best decision we made in planning our wedding. Thanks so much Hooman!!

 by User4812993

Hooman took beautiful photos of our wedding and was very professional and responsive. I couldn't recommend him more highly as a wedding photographer.

 by User3651337

Words cannot fully express how much we absolutely loved working with Hooman for our engagement shoot at Biltmore Estate and our wedding at Brooklyn Arts Center in Wilmington, NC. The quality and artistic nature of his pictures are beyond what I could have ever imagined and hoped for. Not only are all the pictures he took beautiful, but Hooman is truly a pleasure to be around! He is an all around super nice guy and very professional. He responded to all my emails promptly in the most professional and friendly way. He also made my husband and I feel very comfortable, and we are not typically very good at having our pictures taken. Hooman asked us to just have fun and be ourselves and took pictures without directing us to pose much, though he did take a few formals portraits that we also love. At our wedding, he captured amazing images without being paparazzi-like at all. I truly did not know he was there during our ceremony, yet he took stunning photos from all angles. Many of our wedding guests commented on how awesome he is. He had creative and beautiful ideas for pictures and set up the most gorgeous candle display backdrop in the balcony of our venue. It ended up being one of our most treasured moments to step away for a moment in a truly beautiful atmosphere. One of the truly incredible parts about working with Hooman was that I never gave him much instruction about what I was looking for at all. I took one look at his website and knew-without a doubt- from our first point of contact that I made the right decision by hiring Hooman. I trusted his vision and am so grateful that I did. I swear I could frame all of the pictures he took and will end up having framed prints and artwork of his pictures all over our house, haha! Hooman- thank you so very much! I am sure you hear this a lot, but from the bottom of our hearts- we really appreciate everything you did and the amazing pictures you took! We will love and cherish our photos always!

 by Nikki M.

Hooman was amazing! From the very first time we talked to him on the phone he was energetic, helpful, and fun. I was very picky in finding a photographer and happened upon his website and fell in love. He was very flexible and did not require us to use him for engagement/bridals like so many other photographers do. He assured us that we would feel comfortable with him the day of because he would come early and just hang out in the morning. He helped me perfect the timeline for the day and make it work where we were able to enjoy our guests not take photos for hours. I felt like we were old friends after just minutes of meeting him in person. He also is a one man photographer and works without an assistant. He also assured us that he wouldn't miss a shot. After looking at all the photos we were astonished- he must have been in 4 places at once!!! Hooman partied till the very last minute with us and was a great fun. The photos are perfect- I can't even put into words how special they are. They captured every moment, expression, feeling, and energy. He has great energy and is an amazing person- i would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone needing a quality, charismatic, and professional photographer. I hope to work with him in the future again. Thank you for amazing work and a great experience.

 by Rachel J.

If you are in the market for a photographer, you absolutely MUST choose Vesic Photography. Hooman was such a pleasure to have around all day. He fit in as if he were an old friend who just happened to be snapping pictures. Our pictures are absolutely stunning...exactly what I wanted. They are natural, artistic, and capture the little and big moments of the best day of my life. The bottom line is, my wedding day was an amazing whirlwind that went by in a flash. Hooman froze those moments in time so that I can go back over and over again. Of the research I did while wedding planning, Vesic Photography is a great value compared to other photographers in that price bracket. First of all, you get Hooman for the entire day instead of a certain number of hours (this can be a real money saver, brides!). You get the rights to all of your photographs for printing and downloading, and he makes a fabulous slideshow for you. Most importantly, the photos are amazing. He focuses on taking natural, candid photos. Hooman did a great job communicating exactly what information he would need leading up to the wedding and made sure he had ever detail covered. The lines of communication were always open if needed. He was quick to respond with emails. Overall, my husband and I were thrilled with Hooman. Even our guests commented on how awesome our photographer was! ( He was THAT cool!) :) Definitely consider Vesic. Just check out the photos online and you will be convinced...I promise!

 by User4612911

Hooman was absolutely amazing to work with. Incredibly professional, knowledgable, and extremely talented. I looked at a lot of photographers before we decided and we could not be happier with the decision we made and the end result. His pictures are not just run of the mill good, they're stunning.

 by Andrea C.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Vesic Photography

1) All around amazing photography
2) One man show, but able to capture all the moments
3) He has an eye for good lighting
4) Artistic
5) Unobtrusive
6) Energetic
7) Organized
8) Professional, polite and easy to work with
9) Great job editing photos
10) Simplicity - easy to download pictures and very simple to share photos with friends and family

Overall, 100% satisfied with Hooman's work/talents. We look forward to sharing and reminiscing our special day with the beautiful pictures that Hooman took. We would highly recommend Vesic photography.

 by Peter H.

To all those prospective brides & grooms - don't waste your time! If your on this page and reading this then you already have the opportunity to have the GREATEST Photographer EVER!!!! My wife & I could not have had a better experience with Hooman. He's incredibly Professional, Personable, Fun & the fly on the wall that captures every great moment!! My wife & I just saw our video that Hooman created and our pictures and I'm traveling for work. We tried to time it perfectly but both had tears flowing, goose bumps & absolute JOY!!! A moment we both wished we had next to one another. His photos are so good we/amazing we could not wait. If you are one of the very select few who have the opportunity to work with this amazing artist - YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the moment we meet Hooman - we also had my mother in-law select him and meet for the first time when we traveled in for out license. He was the most caring, enthusiastic, kind, loving and artistic photographer. My Mother-in-law hit a GRAND SLAM!!!!! She could not have found and hired a better photographer. I will always owe her for this as the pictures Hooman took capturing our moment she will have to always hold over my head - and always share with us!!!! DBS (Don't Be Stupid) - if your are considering Hooman or even looked at him - book it!!!! You will have NO REGRETS - in fact I'm so confident that he will make you wedding a amazing experience as the one Erin & I had that you can call me: CrazYYYYY for a post for a vendor. HE IS THAT GOOOOOOOD!!! My cell # is 702.604.0405 and that's my personal cell.


You will always be in our heart and mind every time we see the artwork you created at our wedding. Everyone who hires you is a LUCKY individual!!!!!!

 by Lauren P.

Hooman's goal is to be a guest at your wedding, which makes him the most memorable photographer. Everyone loved him-he made it so easy. We have amazing shots of the dance floor action because Hooman was right in the middle of it. A friend told me she noticed how he was able to pull us away for the quick sunset photos without being obvious, and we returned so quickly. I have watched photographers at other weddings stand out and clash with videographers or family or even guests, you do not have to worry about this happening with Hooman. We have beautiful pictures that are unique and different than any of our friends. We also have great memories of taking these photos because Hooman made it enjoyable. He is an artist and has a n eye for landscapes. My husband thanked me for finding him. He also can include a wedding album in your price-this way you can make sure you will made a wedding album! I cannot sing his praises enough.

 by Beth D.

Hooman was extremely professional throughout the entire process. He was responsive to all communication and he was absolutely amazing on our wedding day. I never even knew he was there, but yet, he was everywhere! I cannot wait to see the images he captured, because I know they will be all the moments that I missed during the whirlwind of the day. Many of our guests even commented on how amazing he was, so I know that others noticed his professionalism and his experience during the day. Thanks so much for spending the day with us and for helping us capture so many precious memories.

 by Amy S.

Right behind choosing my husband, Vesic Photography was hands down the best decision I made while planning my wedding. My words cannot fully capture Vesic Photography’s Hooman Bahrani’s talent, nor can I fully express my gratitude for his work. Our engagement photos, bridal portraits and wedding photos captured the emotions of each moment with absolute perfection. When looking through our wedding photos, we cried during the ceremony photos seeing the love and emotion in each picture, and my face hurt from smiling and laughing through the reception photos. I could feel how much fun our guests were having through his photos. Hooman and Vesic Photography allowed to us to relive our wedding in the best possible way. A bride and groom cannot be in every conversation, toast or dance circle all at once, but somehow Hooman was there. How one person captured all of these moments is beyond my understanding, and I am so thankful that he provided us with these memories.

In addition to his talented photography, Vesic Photography is AWESOME to work with. Hooman is a calming force in the frequent chaos of wedding planning. He was such a pleasure to work with and played a tremendous role in our wedding day. I give Vesic Photography my highest recommendation, and I wish every bride could have Hooman and Vesic Photography at their wedding. I highly recommend browsing Vesic Photography’s blog.

 by Jenny K.

Hooman was absolutely wonderful! He spent the entire day with us, from 9AM to midnight. He made everyone feel so comfortable and kept everything right on schedule. Hooman listened to everything that I wanted and made sure it happened...we got every picture that we wanted and he captured so many moments that I didn't even remember. Hooman helped make our wedding day even more special :)

 by Liz A.

Part best friend, part quiet professional, Hooman has a style reminiscent of Cartier-Bresson and gifted us with his magical ability to capture the essence of a person in a single snap shot. His easygoing personality put nervous bridesmaids, timid flower girls and neurotic mothers at ease while he interacted subtly with our family and guests to capture priceless candid moments. Hooman was always readily available by text, phone and email and promptly responded to all communications. He was able to interpret what I wanted from discussions/examples and give us photos that will always be cherished. If you are looking for a run of the mill session, traditional posed family photos, or a photographer who only catches the traditional highlights at your wedding, Vesic Photography may not be the right choice for you. If you’re ready to capture some of the most priceless moments of your life in a breathtakingly candid picture, Vesic is the one.

 by JIll K.

Hooman was so great to work with from day 1! He traveled with us to Black Mountain, NC for our engagement photos and was very open and excited about us including very special family members and our dogs. All of our photos from the engagement photos, bridal portraits, and wedding are absolutely beautiful and will be cherished forever. Hooman was flexible, very responsive, and kept the energy and enthusiasm through everything! Everyone at the wedding was commenting on how awesome our photographer was. He is so great at capturing emotion and beauty and would recommend him a thousand times over!

 by Audrey R.

I'm going to try to convey how insanely elated we are with Vesic Photography in 2000 characters.
Getting married in a remote North Carolina town, we ran into a problem finding quality vendors easily. Somehow, I found Vesic Photography on My fiance was seeing dollar signs but once we got on the phone with Hooman, it was clear he was going to be worth the investment. Now, with timeless pieces of art in our hands, we really got the deal of a lifetime.
Before the wedding, Hooman set us up with a pre-wedding package and helped convince my fiance a first look was required (yes!). We followed Vesic Photography on Facebook and his work really just got us crazy excited. Despite a super busy wedding season, Hooman answered all my bridezilla-esque questions.
The day of Hooman showed up on time and stayed until the very end. He made everyone comfortable with his cool demeanor. He was gracious and kind, never demanding, making jokes. As we got ready, he encouraged a very unposed, natural vibe and constantly snapped shots.
Our first look was just our style, no forced posing or awkwardness. We threw Hooman a curve ball with a non-traditional wedding party, but he never missed a step and got great group shots. The ceremony was well captured with every shot you can dream of. Family shots went quick and with out awkwardness as Hooman navigated my parent's divorce with ease. The rest of the night Hooman was running around like a crazy man capturing the two of us, sunset scenes and everyone dancing.
He had two cameras on his belt, whipping between the two like he was a fast draw gunslinger. No yelling "stand up straight" or "tilt your head", he just said "live in that space" as he snapped away. His excitement was infectious, our videographer even got inspired by his passion. Several times, my husband and I leaned in saying "He is the best decision we made".
Now, with our gazillion gorgeous photos in hand, we know we made the best decision ever. Hooman is THE man.

 by Anonymous

From our first meeting- Hooman (Vesic owner and photographer) was wonderful. My husband can be slow to warm to people but liked Hooman right out of the gate! We're so lucky Hooman photographed both our engagement and wedding photos. Not only are the pictures perfect, but Hooman's presence on the wedding day was also incredible. Hooman brings such a calm cool and positive vibe. We love our wedding photos, and Hooman made all of our guests comfortable and fit right in!

 by User3246005

Hooman with Vesic Photography is the absolute BEST!!!
Incredibly accommodating, very professional, amazingly fun and wonderfully creative.
Hooman was always very quick to respond to any questions I had, he came to the wedding very prepared, had some absolutely incredible ideas that truly made the wedding. Hooman has such a unique style that enables him to capture those moments you want to have forever!

 by Carolyn D.

Hooman is the BEST photographer! When my husband and I started the wedding planning process, we were told by a friend that the photographer was one of the most important people to book first. When I started doing research, I actually Googled other couples' wedding photos at the venue we had booked in order to get some ideas for a photographer. We had probably been through 10 couples and photographers when we found the photos that Hooman had taken. I honestly think the photos took my breath away. It almost didn't even look like the same venue with how artistic the photos were. I think it was like 1am when I sent Hooman an email, but my husband and I knew that we wanted him to be our photographer.
My husband and I decided to have our engagement photos taken in NYC and we, of course, got Hooman to shoot those as well. It was over 100 degrees in NYC that day, however, we had so much fun not only taking the photos but getting to know Hooman. Our engagement photos were so beautiful, it was hard to decide which photo to use on our save the dates.
I didn't think it would be possible, but our wedding photos were even more beautiful and fantastic. Hooman is a true artist. Not only will his photos be a beautiful lasting reminder of our special day, but he is super easy to communicate with and has a great personality. We can't thank you enough Hooman!

 by Pete R.

Thank you, Hooman for an unforgettable ceremony and reception experience! You were a joy with whom to work--from early in the day to the very late hours capturing the wonderful moments on such a special and magical day! Thank you for the preview photo on Huffington Post--WOW! Stunning!
We can't wait to see all of the work!
Thank you!!

 by Grayden L.

I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Vesic during my vender search, but it was likely THE best thing that happened to us on our wedding planning journey. Upon first talking with Hooman, his enthusiasm for the art of photography and capturing wedding photos was immediately apparent, and his philosophy about wedding day photos matched ours --emphasis on candid photos, capturing the biggest and smallest of moments. Plus, his willingness to be a part of our ENTIRE wedding day, from makeup to send off, was incredible. It put us at ease knowing we would have him there to capture every detail.
The Day--As my mom just said, "How can you adequately evaluate his significance on that day?" From the moment he walked into the house with my bridal party and family, it was like he was a long time friend. He was always smiling, laughing, and snapping pictures. As the day went on, we were, as most wedding are, behind schedule with the arrival of the groomsmen, first look, etc. but Hooman was not only flexible--he helped us figure out scheduling and was running around on the farm with cameras on his back making sure everything was taken care of.
ALL day everyone was so impressed by my photographer! My mom got a lot of "where in the world did you find him!?” comments. My friends all thought he was SO professional and fun. During the ceremony, he was totally unobtrusive yet captured incredible photos. During the reception, he danced nearly the whole time, enabling him to capture some KILLER photos of my super fun friends and us dancing our hearts out. After the reception concluded, he was still right there, capturing as many photos as possible, at the end of our exit line with a huge smile on his face. He was honestly flawless from start to finish.
Not only did he enhance our wedding day experience, but the photos--their beauty is simply unreal. Ethereal. Stunning. Breathtaking. Heartwarming. PERFECT. I relived the day, tears, smiles, and all! He exceeded all our expectations.

 by Ashleigh M

Hooman and Vesic Photography far exceeded our expectations! We began working with him for our engagement photos almost a year ago and used some of the photos for our Save the Date and got rave reviews and then the wedding experience was phenomenal with him. His approach to wedding photography should be praised every day and to say that he has a gift does not even begin to do his craft justice! We are beyond happy with everything and cannot be happier!!! He took the subject (Ben, me, our families and friends and our wedding day) and really brought it to life through his lens and ultimately his heart, which made the biggest difference. He is a true rock star!! We feel beyond honored that he could tell our story!! Just looks at our gorgeous pictures…such a unique perspective on our big day! We will sing his praises to anyone that will listen.

 by Ashley R.

Hooman and Vesic Photography far exceeded our expectations! We began working with him for our engagement photos almost a year ago and used some of the photos for our Save the Date and got rave reviews and then the wedding experience was phenomenal with him. His approach to wedding photography should be praised every day and to say that he has a gift does not even begin to do his craft justice! We are beyond happy with everything and cannot be happier!!! He took the subject (Ben, me, our families and friends and our wedding day) and really brought it to life through his lens and ultimately his heart, which made the biggest difference. He is a true rock star!! We feel beyond honored that he could tell our story!! Just looks at our gorgeous pictures…such a unique perspective on our big day! We will sing his praises to anyone that will listen


 by Ashley M.

Vesic Photography is beyond amazing!!! We could not give this photographer a high enough rating! Not only were all of our pictures stunning, but the photographer was so much fun to work with. The photographer is super laid-back and really knows what he is doing! He doesn't get in your face and ask you to do cheesy poses; he captures life as it happens and is able to put a beautiful artistic spin on it. We can't find one picture out of the 1000+ he has provided for us that is just "average" - they ALL truly exceed expectation! We have received sooo many compliments on our engagement/wedding photos and have even made it into the Huffington Post TWICE and Triad Weddings Magazine! Not only were our pictures flawless, but he was also extremely quick getting our pictures to us and even throwing in a few awesome surprise gifts along the way! He was also my "saving grace" on my actual wedding day by helping me come up with a plan for what to do since we had unfortunate cold & rainy weather for an outdoor ceremony. By the end of the night, he was out on the dance floor with all of my friends and family capturing everything and occasionally throwing in a few dance moves himself. So much fun! Perfect Pictures! We HIGHLY recommend him - we promise Vesic Photography is worth it!

 by Rick L.

We have never experienced such a talented and professional photographer as Hooman Bahrani in our lifetime. Hooman brings out the best in every picture he takes. He has a unique way of capturing those special moments and preserving them forever. We were amazed how he gets right up in the middle of the action on a dance floor and actually jumps up and places his camera above the crowd to get an unusual angle of all of the action.

He is a master of what he does and it is entertaining just watching him work. He too is a super nice gentleman and one who takes pride in his work and applies a personal touch and is able to achieve pictures that only he knows how to capture.

We highly recommend Hooman to anyone who only expects the best in a photographer. He took the most fabulous pictures of our son Jonathan and daughter in law Crystal ’s wedding on 2/22/14 at WinMock. He makes that "Once In A Life Time" moment last forever.

He took some of the pictures and composed a slide video with music that still brings tears to our eyes each time we watch it. So, “Our Hats Are Off” to you Hooman !!!! Wished we could rate him "100" stars, because that's what he is. We sincerely thank you for a wonderful and professional job. You are definitely “THE BEST”. Kindest Regards, Rick & Terri Statesville, N.C.

 by Nicole D.

LOVE LOVE LOVE HOOMAN!!! He is amazing!!

 by Sunethra S.

I am so glad that Hooman Bahrani was the photographer at my wedding. He has captured the moments so well and all the pictures are so damn beautiful! I will definitely recommend him to others. My family and I are so happy with his work.

 by User3824594

Hooman Bahrani is an artist. We have watched our slideshow as a family, laughed and cried. We have flipped through all 647 photos and every time that we would click forward to the next one we would say "that's a good photo". It is going to be extremely difficult to pick out the photos we want to display in our album, our home, and to share with our friends and family. My wife said tonight she wonders if there is a company that makes wall paper out of wedding photos because that way we wouldn't have to pick and we could hang all of them all on our walls. When I found out Hooman was available to shoot our wedding I was extremely pumped. I am a worrier in every since of the word. Every part of our wedding I was nervous about except Hooman, because I knew that no matter what curveball we threw him, he would hit it out of the park. His professionalism is extremely unique in this business and extremely hard to find or duplicate. Every part of our experience working with Hooman over the past 6 months from booking to photo reveal has been so smooth and he has always come through on every single one of our requests. Customer service is at the forefront of his business model and it shows. Hooman has created a brand in Vesic Photography that is looked up to across the country. Looking through our photos we never realized that he was in the spots he was to capture these moments. Hooman has an eye for photography and I feel that he is doing exactly what he was placed on this earth to do. I know from doing film how fulfilling it is to have a happy client. Hooman made me and my bride extremely happy and we will always be a fan of Vesic Photography and consider it a true honor to say that Hooman Bahrani shot our wedding.

 by Sadie F.

Working with Hooman from Vesic Photography was a wonderful experience. We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have come across his website when we were searching for a wedding photographer. The pictures there were not your typical wedding pictures. They were works for art. When we met with him, we found him to be extremely personable and our decision was easy to make. Our only hesitation was that his prices were higher than our set budget. We moved around other things to make this work, and we couldn't be happier that we did. The pictures that we received are hands-down the best wedding pictures that we've ever seen. He (and your pictures) are worth every cent. Trust your get what what you pay for, and he is the very best!

 by Courntey D.

Hooman was amazing! We are so happy he was a part of our special day. All of our guests had a blast with him at our reception and his enthusiasm is infectious. You'll end up with hundreds of breathtaking photos just like we did.

 by Adeola T.

Hooman is awesome! He embodies all the characteristics which I feel are important for a wedding photographer to possess. He is patient, calming and charismatic. Hooman was recommended to me by my makeup artist who had worked with him in the past. I am generally not a photogenic person and do not enjoy taking pictures. Upon meeting Hooman in person for the engagement shoot, I was immediately put at ease. He made the process easy and natural. I didn't feel the same type of pressure I've felt in the past when it comes to photographers. He made posing easy and natural. I didn't feel awkward or self conscious. Hooman just talked talked to is like it was just another day. He also came up with some unique and interesting places for the shoot. On the wedding day, Hooman was punctual and brought the same positive energy as on the day on the engagement shoot. Our engagement and wedding pictures looked amazing! He made all the changes requested in record time and was very accommodating. I really like his style of photography. Another thing that I must add is that Hooman has a lot of thoughtful and awesome gifts and surprises along the planning process and beyond which I absolutely loved. I would definitely recommend Hooman.

 by Alyssa H.

Hooman (Vesic Photography) was an absolute pleasure to work with from the minute we booked him! He was friendly, receptive to our ideas and style, flexible, reliable, and incredibly prompt to respond to e-mails/phone calls or requests of any kind. From the kind welcome package we received to his easy-to-navigate website and wedding worksheet, he was a joy to work with and helped us to shape our photography plans. He demonstrated a true interest in us, our wedding, and our families. He had the perfect balance of enthusiasm while still remaining unobtrusive during the wedding/reception. More importantly, we were blown away with the quality of his work! We are absolutely in LOVE with our wedding photographs! He captured the day perfectly - we couldn't be more impressed and pleased. Our wedding photographer was by far the most important and BEST planning decision we made :)

 by Lauren R.

Choosing Hooman as our photographer was without a doubt one of the best decisions we made in regards to our wedding. I knew after one look at his website that he was the right person for us. Hooman will capture moments during your wedding day that will bring tears to your eyes and make you burst into laughter. He really captures the feeling of the day and looking at the pictures is like reliving it every time. Hooman was also amazing to work with - he always answered emails and calls quickly and is organized and ready to go every step of the way. He's also a blast! Many of our guests told us how much fun they had with him. The day after our wedding when I asked my husband what his favorite part was, without even thinking he said, "Hooman".

 by Natalie J.

Vesic Photography was, without a doubt, the best money we spent on our entire wedding. From the very first email I sent him inquiring if he was available for our date (a year in advance) he was SO friendly, excited and passionate. My husband and I met with him closer to the wedding date and felt confident that he understood our style and I felt comfortable that he would take matters into his hands on the wedding day and I wouldn't have to worry about the photography. The day of the wedding, he showed up on time and everyone immediately felt comfortable with him. He is the perfect mix of staying behind the scenes to get amazing shots, and becoming friends with your family, bridal party and guests. We just got all of our photos back and were amazed! He is a true artist and these photos we will cherish forever. In short, I highly recommend using Hooman.

 by Caroline F.

Hooman, with Vesic Photography has been such an amazing part of our wedding, and hands down the most meaningful vendor. He did an amazing job, taking beautiful pictures that tell the story of my wedding day. Now after my perfect day is over and went by in such a blur, I can look back and not only see pictures of us, but relive the emotions of that day. I've been absolutely impressed and amazed through the whole journey, working with Hooman, and would have him there with us for all of our family's great memories if I could!

 by Anonymous

Hooman from Vesic photography is the most talented photographer I have ever seen! One of his pictures from my wedding made the cover of the wedding section of the Huffington Post the next day! He is incredible and gets the absolute best shots without interfering at all with the wedding. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants beautiful photographs for their wedding.

 by Amy Y

Hooman was an amazing addition to our wedding day, and I cannot say enough good things about him! When we were planning our wedding, we knew photography would be one of the most important elements of, so we spent a lot of time looking for the right fit for us. After some intensive research, we happened upon Vesic's website, and were immediately hooked. Hooman's photography is stunning -- a beautiful combination of artsy and candid that we felt would fit our personalities very well (and we were right!) Not only is Hooman's photography stunning, but he is incredibly easy to work with and made us feel like he really cared about us. We were planning an NC wedding from out of town, and only came down a handful of times, so our schedule was packed and we had trouble meeting with everyone. However, Hooman actually invited us to his house when we were passing through one day so we could meet him in person. We had already spoken to him on the phone several times, but that really sealed the deal. On the day of the wedding, he was a constant presence from the moment we arrived until we left at the end of the night, and I really enjoyed having him around while we were getting ready...and on the dance floor later! He has a great personality and really made our day even more special than we could have hoped for! He also sent us a beautiful "teaser" photo right before we left for our honeymoon, which I absolutely loved. I can't wait to see the rest. I am going to recommend Hooman to everyone and plan to call him the minute we need a photographer for anything else! He is more than worth it, and a great person to have around besides!

 by User3307907

Hooman was an amazing addition to our wedding day, and I cannot say enough good things about him! When we were planning our wedding, we knew photography would be one of the most important elements of, so we spent a lot of time looking for the right fit for us. After some intensive research, we happened upon Vesic's website, and were immediately hooked. Hooman's photography is stunning -- a beautiful combination of artsy and candid that we felt would fit our personalities very well (and we were right!)
Not only is Hooman's photography stunning, but he is incredibly easy to work with and made us feel like he really cared about us. We were planning an NC wedding from out of town, and only came down a handful of times, so our schedule was packed and we had trouble meeting with everyone. However, Hooman actually invited us to his house when we were passing through one day so we could meet him in person. We had already spoken to him on the phone several times, but that really sealed the deal.
On the day of the wedding, he was a constant presence from the moment we arrived until we left at the end of the night, and I really enjoyed having him around while we were getting ready...and on the dance floor later! He has a great personality and really made our day even more special than we could have hoped for! He also sent us a beautiful "teaser" photo right before we left for our honeymoon, which I absolutely loved. I can't wait to see the rest.
I am going to recommend Hooman to everyone and plan to call him the minute we need a photographer for anything else! He is more than worth it, and a great person to have around besides!

 by Aimee Y.

I highly recommend Vesic. I can not say enough good things about Hooman, the photographer. When my fiancé and I were searching for photographers, it was crystal clear that we wanted Hooman. Compared to others, his photographs stood out. Somehow he is able to capture the emotion and the beauty of the moment. Since it is still early we have only been able to see one photo from our wedding and it is beautiful. I can't wait to see the rest. Hooman is also the perfect person to have as your wedding photographer because he makes you feel special, is unobtrusive and just somehow flows with the activities of the day, and very professional. Hooman and his photography talents are unique and special.


 by User2207300

Among all the choices we made for vendors for our wedding, our photographer was by far the BEST choice we made. Hooman Bahrani with Vesic photography, far exceeded our expectations in his skill and artistic talent but also with his professionalism and prompt responsiveness. My husband and I currently live in Chicago, and we were planning from afar our wedding in NC. Hooman's website and quick responsiveness to email was perfect for us. He was completely reliable and easy and fun to work with from the engagement photo shoot all the way to the end of the wedding day! He was so patient with the requests from our large family on the day of the wedding, which was not lost on me through all the chaos of the day. Reflecting back on my entire wedding experience, there is not one person/vendor I would recommend more than Vesic photography. His photos will forever be a part of our lives and I couldn't be happier.

 by Amber D.

Hooman is an amazing photographer and a great person!!!! He is amazing to work with and will provide the most amazing wedding photographs ever for your big day!!!! He did our engagement pictures, my bridal pictures, and our wedding...I loved every picture and the memories that they brought back from those special days!!!!

 by Molly C.

If I could give Vesic Photography (and Hooman) more than 5 stars, I would. There was a reason Vesic was the first vendor we booked once we got engaged...because Hooman is the best!
I first met Hooman when he photographed my brother's wedding. Having been in many weddings before, I was shocked at how different this photographer was. He was so easygoing, fun, unobtrusive, quick and organized. Once I saw the pictures, I was even more impressed. They were unbelievable and the moments he caught were amazing. I knew I wanted Hooman as the photographer for my wedding.
From the moment I contacted Hooman after I got engaged he was quick to respond, always friendly and so excited for us, and very thorough. He goes above and beyond in everything he does and has a way of always making you feel special. The wedding kits and forms we filled out made everything easy and helped direct us in figuring out what we wanted.
The day of, Hooman didn't miss a beat. He had all the pictures we requested in a list attached to his belt, so nothing would be forgotten. His organization, and expert eye, made the pictures go so smoothly and quickly, so we didn't miss any of cocktail hour or the reception. And, he made it fun. All the candid photos from the reception are fantastic. Hooman was out on the dance floor with us, and captured all the hilarious things that happened throughout the night. I can't tell you how many of our guests (and other vendors) said to me, "You're photographer is awesome!" And he was. You can tell he truly loves his job and it comes through in his pictures.
We had very high expectations, and Hooman came through in every way, and more. The pictures are breathtaking, and they capture every moment and emotion perfectly. If you've already booked another photographer, cancel them and book Vesic Photography. You will not be disappointed.


 by Lisa B.

My husband and I are both professional wedding photographers and the first question everyone asked us when we got engaged was, "Who is going to be YOUR wedding photographer???" We knew the best person for the job was Hooman with Vesic Photography. He was a good mix between our two photography styles and an all around great guy. Part psychologist, 100% passionate artist, Hooman also has a contagious upbeat personality that makes him the perfect candidate to handle all aspects of being a great wedding photographer. We flew Hooman to New York for our engagement photos and Paris, France for our wedding. It was the experience of a lifetime, and Hooman handled every situation with confidence and expertise. Our photos are beyond phenomenal and our walls are covered with his art. Tres magnifique!

 by Anonymous

Hooman's work is absolutely fantastic! He is so easy and flexible to work with. Hire him!!!

 by Candice K.

Hooman lived up to every hope I could have ever had for our wedding photos. He was professional and courteous from our initial phone conversation.

His prices are a steal for what all you get in return. I loved that there was no time frame to stick within. He came to the hair salon as I got ready and left only after we drove away at the end of our reception.

Hooman knows his brand and packages everything beautifully, too. His packages are always a treat.

Our photos capture some of our favorite memories of the day and I couldn't recommend Hooman enough. Just spectacular work. If you have the chance, work with Hooman and Vesic Photography. You will not be disappointed!!

 by Sarah M.

Thank you so much for helping us make our wedding day so special! We were extremely satisfied with Vesic Photography, from the first phone call to the time we drove away from the church. All of our pictures are amazing and we will certainly recommend him to friends!

 by Megan N.

Hooman shot our wedding on November 3rd and we could not be happier with the results. From the first moment you reach out to him to inquire about his services, you realize how nice and professional he is. He is energetic and excited about every wedding he does, and although he shoots weddings and events almost every weekend, he makes you feel like you are the top priority. He is incredibly responsive and would get back to my questions very quickly. Even when I emailed a million questions or requests, he happily responds.

One of the things I really liked is that he doesnt set a time limit on how long he is there. Many photographers contract for a certain amount of time, but Hooman is there as long as you ask him to be. He arrived early in the morning and stayed until the reception was over- capturing every moment. And you really almost forget he is there because he blends in to the surroundings and captures everything naturally. He has a great personality and was a pleasure to have around on our day.

When we received the final photos, I was blown away. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but they were presented in such a professional way. He really does go above and beyond.

 by Michael G.

Hooman was a pleasure to work with as my wife and I prepared for our wedding. We attached great importance to the quality of the photos of our ceremony and reception during our planning, and he delivered all that we had hoped for and more.

He was very professional and attentive in his preparations for our engagement photo shoot and for the wedding day. After discussing how we wanted to remember the day, he took our desires and skillfully merged them with an expert eye for capturing poignant, intimate moments. His photos have a radiance about them that is evident in not just the light and color but also the emotions of his subject matter. He is friendly, easy to work with, and above all, makes those around him comfortable in front of his camera lens. My wife felt very relaxed around him despite typically being self-conscious about how she looks in photos. This was certainly reflected in the results, as she was an absolutely beautiful bride without any trace of apprehension about getting her picture taken.

Everyone who has seen our photos has agreed that they are absolutely gorgeous, and we couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much!

 by Mandi J.

Hooman did an amazing job and made me feel very comfortable in planning our wedding. He interacted well with the guests and was able to get my husband and I to be less awkward during our couples' photos. The finished product was GREAT - to include the slideshow and blog post! The slideshow was really fun to share with friends and family, and was a really nice extra touch. :) I would absolutely recommend Vesic Photography to friends!

 by Nicole T.

Amazing! Stunning! Priceless! Is what you, your family, your friends, and even the groom will say!
Hooman is a must have at your wedding! If you can't get him then think about changing the wedding date! He has a way of making everyone comfortable and at ease. It seems effortless. The talent is unquestionable. He will catch moments that no one else saw. We had a picture the day after the wedding! We were lucky to have found a photographer so helpful, fun, professional and talented!

 by Jennifer F

Best photographer ever!!!! He was such a hit at our party, and made everyone feel comfortable during all the formal shots after the ceremony. and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

 by Beth B.

TOTALLY how I would describe my wedding photo's captured by Vesic Photography!!! If you are looking for a wedding photographer who has the talent and ability to capture all the excitement, emotion and just the shear essence of your wedding day then you must call Vesic Photography!!! The pictures were WAY more than just the "run of the mill" wedding photo's....the way Vesic captured the moment in every photo was absolutely PRICELESS!!! Every time I look at my wedding photo's and the slideshow, I re-live my wedding day all over again!!! I'm a fan for life....Vesic Photography, you ROCK!!!! (I wish I could have given you more than 5 stars)

 by Sarah H

Hooman is such an amazing photographer to work with. Throughout the process of planning the wedding he was always available to answer any questions that came up. When we got our photos back after the wedding my husband and I were absolutely blown away!! They were so unique and interesting and really captured the feeling of our whole day. We could not have asked for anything more!

 by Becca L

Vesic performed beyond my expectations! The photography of my wedding was THE most important vendor in my opinion, and Vesic was meant for the job! He has the best personality and takes the most beautiful pictures. He truely captures feelings and moments of the most special day in your life. He works with you and strives for perfection! I can not give Vesic a high enough recommendation. Vesic, hands down!

 by Sara C.

I fell in love with my venue and picked it based on photos that I saw by this photographer! His ENERGY on the wedding day was contagious. My guests could not stop saying how much fun he was and how comfortable he made them!
And finally, the breathtaking pictures that he takes completely tell the story of the wedding day. Anyone that missed the wedding and sees these pictures will wish they had been there =)

 by Emily F

He is INCREDIBLE to work with and truly goes the extra mile. The photographs were nothing short of amazing and I would recommend him highly. He's perfect!

 by Laura B.

I cannot say enough about Hooman! He is the most talented, creative photographer I've ever seen, and his pictures are just breathtakingly beautiful. He was positive and energetic from morning til night, and he works in such an unobtrusive manner -- we didn't even know he was there most of the time. The photos he took capture all of the emotions and special moments of our wedding day just perfectly. And - to top it off - he drove all the way from North Carolina to Baltimore for our wedding during the worst week of snow to ever hit the area. He even trudged through snow up to his waist to check out the reception site the day before the wedding (before it was plowed)! I can't say ebough about him. Please, don't take chances with the most important day of your life -- trust your memories to Vesic Photography; you'll be glad you did!

 by Katelyn D.

Hooman is the most amazing photographer!! We used him for our wedding last year and he was a pleasure to work with. My father is a pastor so I have been to a LOT of weddings and Hooman is by far the most professional, complimentary easy going photographer there is! He is like a ninja photographer because he never gets in your way, you don't even realize that he is there but he captures every emotion in your day. The pictures he took throughout our special day are stunning! I love looking through our album because every feeling that my husband and I experienced that day Hooman caught in his breathtaking pictures and it's so amazing to look back and experience that day again and again. I would HIGHLY recommend him for anyone who wants the most amazing wedding pictures ever!

 by Kendall H.

We cannot say enough positive things about Vesic Photography. Hooman is an amazing photographer as well as a wonderful person. He was fun to work with and our engagement and wedding pictures turned out better then I could have imagined. He is very professional and does exactly what he says and goes out of his way to make sure you are happy. We would 100% recommend Vesic Photography to any bride looking for a photographer.

 by Jan O.

The services of Vesic photography were way beyond expectations. The professionalism of Hooman was second to none. He listened to the bride and groom and valued their goals and expectations for their special day. Many guests at the wedding expressed to me how impressed they were with the extreme measures that the photography took to capture the essence of Matt and Leigh's special day. The pictures, videos, and photo gallery were provided for review quickly. The quality of the photos are truly a work of art. My friends and family who could not attend have commented they feel like they were there after viewing the photos. I highly recommend Vesic photography to preserve the most precious moments of life.

 by Leigh P.

Hooman is so wonderful to work with. Not only does he take wonderful pictures and capture the moment and Feelings of the day, but he is with you the WHOLE day. Hooman went with my bridesmaids and I to our bridal luncheon and then during the getting ready sessions and all the way to the end of the reception. Looking through the pictures really felt like I was reliving my wedding day, and that is priceless. I strongly encourage you to have Hooman take your wedding day pictures, they really make the day re liveable, and I promise you will have too many pictures you will LOVE that the only problem you will have deciding between all the great pictures!!.

 by Liza M.

Hooman made everyone feel comfortable and spent so much time capturing the ENTIRE day. He did a wonderful job!

 by Amanda K.

Vesic Photography was very professional from my engagement shoot to my Wedding Day!!! I was highly impressed.

 by Heather C.

Hooman was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that I know. His talent is amazing!

 by Dominique B.

Vesic Photography is personally the best we came across for a wedding photographer. We especially liked his photojournalism approach. All of our pictures were shown as a story. His quality of pictures is excellent! He is also very reachable and reliable. Anytime we needed him or wanted something done he exceeded our expectations. When you meet him you will soon understand that this is his passion. He could easily charge more for his services but I believe that he does this because it means so much more to him. He also has a WONDERFUL personality. One that will ease your concerns and feel EXCITED to work with.

 by Anne J.

Hooman went above and beyond our expectations!! His photos artfully capture the raw emotion on everyone's face...and once it's all over, he puts it all together in a gorgeous slideshow and wedding album. He's really personable and fun to work with, a very hard worker and best of all you can tell he really enjoys what he does.
You won't find this talent just anywhere...we are still amazed at how beautiful our photos came out, without having to do a single pose or "redo" of any wedding event.
Check out his website as the photos posted, as well as his skill with aesthetics, really speak for themselves. You will see right away that Hooman is very skilled with angles, lighting, etc.--I've never seen better candids.
When I was looking for a wedding photographer I wanted to be confident in my choice. I never worried once about how the photos would turn out and now that they are finished I am absolutely thrilled!

 by Melody N.

Hooman was so much fun to work with and did a superb job with the photography. He has a laid back, relaxed style in general but also knows how to make shoots move efficiently, and has the perfect personality and energy to capture the entire wedding day exactly as we experienced it. He also was a lot of fun to work with on the engagement shoot, and it was the perfect way for both of us to get to know each other in advance of the wedding day.

 by Gerianne O.

Wonderful! As soon as we saw the photographer's work, we knew he was the one for us. Very personable, very friendly, and he worked with our hectic schedule. The quality of his photos are amazing and we are very, very happy!

 by Courtney S.

Our absolutely favorite vendor! Provided amazing service. Our family and friends all commented on how fantastic our photographer was. He provided many creative ideas for pictures and even came up with a unique way for the bride to enter the ceremony space. He worked with us very closely and captured everything we asked him to and more.