My name is Hooman and photography has always been a large part of my life. I built my first camera in my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC, with my dad when I was eight years old. That first camera is what taught me about composition, light and timing.

My first SLR camera was a used Nikon which I received as a high school graduation present. I took it with me to Wake Forest University; and as I got my degree in Physics, I found myself taking photos of everything from university events to landscapes in Hawaii. After college, while working as a corporate pilot, I continued developing my skills as a photographer by taking photos of bands throughout North Carolina and then in 2005 I was asked to photograph a wedding.

Wedding photography combined what I had been photographing my whole life: Portraits, photojournalism of events, landscape, music, and capturing the most important and elusive element of any good photo: emotion.

I was hooked from that first wedding and transitioned from a career as a pilot to a career as a photographer. I still fly for pleasure, but photography is now my full time passion. I photograph around 50 weddings a year (around 4-7 per month) and totally love it!

I live in Winston-Salem, NC with my awesome wife Debbie and  routinely cover weddings all over North Carolina, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York; and as far as Italy, Paris, and India.

I also do portrait photography for couples and families; and if you like what you’ve seen, click here to send me a message and let’s talk about your wedding.

-Hooman Bahrani