Your wedding day timeline in 5 minutes

Wedding Day Timeline is the only wedding planning tool made for brides and grooms that uses AI to create a professional minute-by-minute timeline for your wedding day.

Your wedding day timeline is perhaps the single most important document you can have for planning your wedding as well as on the day of your wedding. But timelines are notoriously hard to make. 

I have taken all of my experience with weddings of all kinds, from around the world, to create an AI which will generate a professional and custom wedding day timeline in 5 minutes. It will save you from making expensive wedding planning mistakes while reducing your stress while guiding you to a stress free wedding day.

Watch the video below, and visit to learn more and sign up for an account so you too can start your wedding planning the right way with a professional timeline. 

This site is separate from my photography site, and anyone can use it, even if I’m not photographing your wedding.