We love working with all vendors to help couples have the best wedding they can have. We also are very happy to share the photos with vendors so they can see the results of their hard work, show it off and market it to future clients.

To ensure the best image experience, we deliver our photos free of our watermark.

If you would like to use our photos we do require that credit is given to Vesic Photography in the following manner. Improper tagging/credit or lack or tagging/credit is a copyright violation.



Tag our photos with @vesicphoto. Using a # is optional, but the @ is required.



Tag our photos with @vesicphotography.


Websites & Blogs

Photo credit must be to Vesic Photography, in the text of the page or post, and be a live link back to vesic.com. Some 3rd party blogs or pages do not allow for live links on certain vendors (if they’re not paying advertisers for example). Regardless of this, for the photos to be used on those pages there must be a live link back to Vesic Photography – or the photos are not allowed to be used on the post or page. DJ Rang’s website is an excellent example of how to credit on websites – here, and here.



Print Magazines

Photos may be used in print for both advertisements and editorial content with credit give to Vesic Photography. Credit specs for print are:

If the magazine will not print credits based on these specs, then the photo may not be used or printed and would be a copyright violation by the publishing party.

Thank you!

Vesic Photography