Remain steady. Breathe as if one with the air.

Remain steady. Breathe as if one with the air. Focus, embrace the target. Let it's movements become my own as I predict each step, each stumble and each unaware notion that keep it ignorant of my stalking. I know nothing of this persons past yet my continued gaze upon him allows me to become synced and one with his body language. With his movement I can practically read exactly who this person is, leaving behind a trail of information for me to decipher how best to end his existence. I believe there is a particular relationship shared between the hunter and the prey, one that I was taught to respect immensely.

As I reach for my arrow I take not an eye off my prey, never allowing my synced eye to fall from it's now subconscious flow. Lining up the arrow to the bow I can practically already feel the arrow slide across the fine wood, plummeting itself deep into the mans heart. He would take one final breath then begin his decent towards the ground, during which, his life will have already ended. I would then withdraw from my nest and reclaim the item I will be paid so generously for. A plan that requires me only to begin the moment the man takes yet a slight step towards his right.

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Yet, the man takes the step and my arrow hesitates. A young boy exits the tent behind the man who still yet breathes. Evidently littered with sickness, the boy is coughing and hacking up fluids as they exit his mouth. Barely clinging to life the boy pushes his body towards the man. The man kneels down and takes the boy into his arms with a warm embrace. The man looks at the boy with yet another look I am aware of, impending sorrow.

I have to give appropriate credit for this posting in part to I actually got the idea for this from something I read on their site.

Invaluable Assistance - I call these folks on a regular basis. - Happy I came across these guys.

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