Brooks & John’s Fantastic Wedding at The Cotton Room in Durham, NC

I’m excited to share Brooks and John’s wedding at the Cotton Room in Durham, NC. This Chinese American fusion wedding was filled with love, tradition, and lots of fun on the dance floor.

The day began with an emotional first look at the Cotton Room, where they shared a private moment before the ceremony. The Cotton Room’s industrial charm provided the perfect setting for this intimate moment.

After the first look, we went with the wedding party headed to American Tobacco for beautiful outdoor photos. The historic campus served as a picturesque backdrop for the couple’s portraits.

The ceremony started with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony at the Cotton Room. Guests were treated to a meaningful display of respect and honor to the couple’s families.

After this, the couple exchanged vows and rings in a traditional western ceremony, celebrating their love and commitment to each other.

The reception was a celebration of the couple’s heritage and love, with lots of dancing.