Raleigh Wedding Photography: Anjanie & James

It’s crazy to think that the last full wedding I was at was in New Orleans in February. We’re definitely living in crazy times. And with that, weddings have been postponed. But lately, some couples have started adjusting. Yes, they’re postponing, but they’re also wanting to still get married sooner rather than later while maintaining their large wedding for 2021.

And last Saturday was the first of those mini weddings. Under the arches of the Raleigh Rose Garden, and with their parents present, Anjanie & James officially got married. And it was fantastic to witness and to photograph!

The ceremony was genuine and intimate as everyone stood. We followed with a series of family photos, followed by a small cake cutting, toast, and some couples photos. All told, it was about an hour and a half. As we parted ways, I left for Richmond to photograph another mini wedding, and Anjanie & James left with their parents for a celebratory lunch.

While the time I was there was short, it felt so good to finally be back photography a wedding! Enjoy the photos!