Destination Wedding in New Orleans: Ashely & Erin

It’s hard to write this from a place of quarantine. Going back to what seems like a lifetime ago about a wedding in February. But I was there, before the ban, before 6 feet. When hugs and high fives were still ok. With two amazing women. A fantastic group of friends and family. Reconnecting with 3 former brides and 1 former groom. All in one place, dancing, singing, completely carefree in the city that you can lose yourself in. NOLA. New Orleans, Louisana. The beats of Dr. John and countless other musicians in the background. The brass second line that closed the wedding out in a 3 block march through the city to the after-party.

Kate went above and beyond in planning the wedding, but mainly in taking the time to drive me around the area the day before. The city went above and beyond in hospitality and food. Ashley & Erin went above and beyond in bringing the love. Cheers to them, and to a time we didn’t have to worry about hugs, and being 6 feet apart.