Destination Wedding New Orleans: Ashely & Erin

It’s hard to write this from a place of quarantine. Going back to what seems like a lifetime ago about a wedding in February. But I was there, before the ban, before 6 feet. When hugs and high fives were still ok. With two amazing women. A fantastic group of friends and family. Reconnecting with 3 former brides and 1 former groom. All in one place, dancing, singing, completely carefree in the city that you can lose yourself in. NOLA. New Orleans, Louisana. The beats of Dr. John and countless other musicians in the background. The brass second line that closed the wedding out in a 3 block march through the city to the after-party.

New Orleans, with its rich history and vibrant culture, is an enchanting setting for a destination wedding. Its unique blend of French, African, Spanish, and Creole influences creates a backdrop unlike any other, making it a dream location for brides planning their special day.

Why Choose New Orleans for Your Destination Wedding

  1. Diverse Venues: From historic mansions in the Garden District to luxurious hotels in the French Quarter, New Orleans offers a variety of venues that cater to any taste and style. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate courtyard wedding or a grand ballroom affair, the city’s architecture provides the perfect setting.
  2. Incredible Food and Music: New Orleans is world-renowned for its culinary scene and live music. Imagine a wedding reception with authentic Creole cuisine and a live jazz band playing in the background, encapsulating the spirit of the city.
  3. Rich Culture and Traditions: Incorporating local traditions like a second line parade, where you and your guests dance through the streets led by a brass band, adds a uniquely NOLA touch to your wedding. These vibrant processions epitomize the city’s spirit of celebration.
  4. Picturesque Scenery: The city’s stunning landscapes, from the mighty Mississippi River to the charming cobblestone streets of the French Quarter, provide breathtaking backdrops for your wedding photos.

Planning Your Destination Wedding New Orleans

  1. Hire a Local Wedding Planner: Navigating a destination wedding can be complex. A local planner with knowledge of the area and its vendors can be invaluable in bringing your vision to life while you’re planning from afar.
  2. Understand the Weather: New Orleans has a subtropical climate. Plan your wedding attire and events with the weather in mind, especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony.
  3. Incorporate Local Flavors: From beignets to gumbo, adding local cuisine to your menu is a must. Consider a custom cocktail inspired by the city, like a classic Sazerac or Hurricane, for your reception.
  4. Mind the Festivals: New Orleans hosts numerous festivals throughout the year. Check the city’s calendar to avoid any major events that could affect travel and accommodation for your guests.
  5. Embrace the Local Art Scene: For truly unique wedding elements, consider local artists for your décor or entertainment. The city is brimming with talent that can add a distinctive touch to your celebration.
  6. Consider Guest Activities: Offer your guests a list of must-see spots and activities in New Orleans. From jazz clubs to riverboat cruises, there’s plenty to explore in the city.
  7. Legal Requirements: Be aware of the legalities for getting married in New Orleans. Research and arrange all necessary documentation well in advance.

Embracing the Magic of New Orleans

A wedding in New Orleans is more than an event; it’s an experience. As I reflect on that February celebration, I’m reminded of the way the city itself played a role in the love and joy of that day. Kate, the bride, didn’t just plan a wedding; she curated an experience that was as much about the city as it was about her union with her partner. The hospitality, the music, the food, the spontaneous dance in the streets – all of it came together to create something unforgettable.

New Orleans isn’t just a backdrop; it’s a character in your love story. A destination wedding here isn’t about escaping to a new place; it’s about immersing yourself in a culture that celebrates life, love, and the joy of the moment. It’s about creating memories that, even in times of quarantine, bring a smile and a longing for the day when we can embrace each other again.

In the spirit of the Big Easy, cheers to love, to the vibrancy of New Orleans, and to the hope of celebrating together again soon.

Kate went above and beyond in planning the wedding, but mainly in taking the time to drive me around the area the day before. The city went above and beyond in hospitality and food. Ashley & Erin went above and beyond in bringing the love. Cheers to them, and to a time we didn’t have to worry about hugs, and being 6 feet apart.