Drew & Brittney: Destination Wedding in Aruba

It’s a bit bittersweet to make this post with Brittney & Drew. It’s a post that’s over 10 years in the making. It started with Brittney’s cousin Katie’s wedding which I photographed in 2008 (I think) and have been part of almost all of their families weddings since. From summer days in DC to snowstorms ┬áto now a summer day in Aruba. The weddings have all been so different, and yet all been the same. Of course, the location, the spouses marrying into the family, these things are all different. But, the feeling, the love, the core people, they’re the same.

And they’ve treated me like family since day one. Nothing but smiles, hugs and love. Brittney’s dad has never been without his video cam in hand and a big smile – filming every wedding. Brittney’s aunt and uncle have been to every wedding. And each spouse marrying into the family in their own way so unique, but yet so perfect for this big family.

Brittney brought her love teaching English with bouquet made from the pages of Harry Potter. They had a great first look against the palms. We followed with a little drive around the island for some photos before returning to the sand for the ceremony. All of which was followed by some great food, toasts and dancing. There is a great photo of Brittney’s dad having a shot with his 3 son in laws.

Cheers to the Keith family. Cheers to the Kamas family. Cheers to Brittney & Drew for their amazing wedding!