2017 Year in Review

This is my favorite post of the year. The one that is hardest to cull, and the one that I try to take the most time with. It gives me time to slow down, and look back on an awesome year, with awesome people. Amazing couples, awesome families and really good friends.

Some of the couples were guests at previous weddings. Some I met on the wedding day. Some are wedding vendors that I’ve work with, and now I’m photographing. Some are long time friends. Some of the guests are former couples I’ve photographed. Some are parents of former guests I’ve photographed. And they all love to have a great time. And they all love the people you see here getting married.

Some of the weddings are just a few people. Some are 400 people. Most are somewhere between that.

I remember them all. Burned in my mind. From the cold winter ones, to the hot summer ones. The rainy day ones and the sunny sky ones. The mountain tops to the beaches. All over North Carolina. From Texas to New York. From Maryland to India. The first wedding was January 1 and the last was December 31. This is a look back at 46 weddings and a bunch of engagement shoots, and the couples that trusted me to be with them and their families for their greatest day.

Cheers to you all. Thank you. And I hope to see you soon on the dance floor!



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  1. Your incredible work continues! Thanks, Hooman, for being an important part of Sarah and Jake Palmer’s big day!

  2. Quite simply, one of my best days as a father. Thank you for capturing such special moments.
    Blown away by your talent.

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