Russ and Holly: Baltimore Wedding Photography at Sagamore Pendry Hotel

“Snow? What snow?” – The  question I was asking a few days before Russ & Holly got married in Baltimore, MD. But it did. It was the big snow of the season and it hit Baltimore right on Saturday. And it could not have been more perfect for not only this perfect couple but the perfect wedding party, family and guests who attended the wedding.

The ceremony was to take place outside in the courtyard between the hotel wings on the new and amazing Sagamore Pendry Hotel. And Holly had planned to walk down the aisle with her parents.

“Please tell me you’re not going to let anyone talk you out of walking down the aisle through the snow”

“No way!”

“You know the ground is wet, your dress will get wet”

“I don’t care!”

“Your mom?”

“She doesn’t care!”

“Then let’s pray it doesn’t stop snowing until after the wedding!”

What about the guests? They didn’t care either. The wedding itself was under a canopy, but still outside. So while not being snowed on, it was 29 or 30 degrees. They were dressed great, with great coats. They were all served champagne before the ceremony began, and the outdoor fireplace was on. Not only did no one complain, they were all smiles and they all thought it was the best thing ever. Everyone was all smiles!

A highlight of the ceremony was seeing former groom Shor, signing beautifully for their ceremony; and I was very happy to see Lera as well!

That’s the background, here are some of my favorite photos. Cheers to Holly & Russ!

  • Wedding Planners: Lemon and Lime Events
  • Wedding and Reception: Sagamore Pendry Hotel
  • Videography: Tony Hooper
  • Band: Jump Street provided by EastCoast Entertainment
  • Hair & Makeup: Mady Taylor & Sonnie Connor
  • Florist: Victoria Clausen