Alok & Awanti: Indian Wedding in Greensboro, NC

October 5, 2017

Two words can describe Alok & Awanti’s three day Indian Wedding in Greensboro, NC – Pure Joy. From their combined love, their combined skillful dance moves, a group of friends who would rather be nowhere else, and two families which could not have been happier than to see these two together, we celebrated over and over – all set against the backdrop of Grandover Resort in Greensboro, NC, with DJ Rang doing an amazing job with emceeing, music, lighting and a massive 400 balloon drop!

And of course I loved every minute of it. To be back with Alok’s parents and family and getting to know Awanti’s parents and family, to be back with Ashish & Neema, to see parents of past brides & grooms, to see Alexandra & Mike again this year, and waiting for their wedding next year, to get to unexpectedly see past groom Danny and missing Mattie – I could go on. But really, you’re here to see the photos. You’re seeing a bit of Friday night’s Sangeet, followed by the wedding day. So let’s get to it, and cheers to this amazing couple!



[…] made it even better was being able to see some favorite newlyweds again: Brendan & Karla and Alok & Awanti. Photos say it better than words – cheers to Mike & […]