Jon & Amy: An afternoon in Boone, NC

July 7, 2017

An afternoon in Boone, NC with one of my favorite couples and friends, Jon & Amy. Celebrating 2 years of marriage with pups, records, and a waterfall.



You continue to capture incredible moments.

Wow, gorgeous. I love the shots in the couple’s home…looks so personal and so sweet!

Ottis Denecia Collins I don’t care how pizza treats me I will never give it up lolol

Elizabeth Larson thank you!

looked at the blog post too and all of your photos are quite lovely!

Thanks so much Elizabeth Larson!

wow, that’s an incredible shot Hooman!

These are all so amazing!!!! (And I am super jealous of your ultra-spotless kitchen countertops!)

You’re the BEST! Can’t wait for pizza and cookies !!!!!

Thank you Amy Nadine! So glad you love them! I’ll be sending them all to you this afternoon!

Thanks so much Traci J Arney!

This is such a great photo of y’all.