Jonathan & Alyssa: Wedding in Chapel Hill, NC

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Jonathan & Alyssa had a beautiful late May wedding at The Barn in Chapel Hill, NC. With the closest of friends and family traveling from all over the country to join them, their wedding was the perfect blend of causal and classy. The photos always say it better than words, so let’s check out my favorites from their day!



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  1. Vesic Photography

    Thank you so much for having me Alyssa Boreiko! Such a great wedding, so perfect! We have tons of awesome photos coming soon!

  2. Alyssa Glogowski

    Hooman Bahrani thank you so much for these amazing pictures. You can probably make a trip to the dentist look amazing! We can’t be more happy that we had you do our photos. Our only regret is that we didn’t get a pic with you!

  3. Vesic Photography

    Thank you so much Alyssa Glogowski!! I’m so glad you love them and they’ll all be ready for you very soon! And I know – how did we forget to do a proper selfie?!?

  4. Janice K. Wexler

    Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos. I felt like I was there! One of my favorites was the nighttime in the pine forest.

  5. Janice Boreiko

    GREAT picture. Could be the cover of a romance novel. Guess this is what happens when a gorgeous couple has a terrific photographer.

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