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Kathryn & Ryan had a beautiful wedding at Bay 7 in Durham, NC. From yoga in the morning, to a big dance party reception late into the night, we had it all! The smiles, the hugs and the dance moves are all here. Let the photos tell the story!



Thank you Andrea Stephens!

OMG, that shot is amazing!!! <3

Thanks Marcus Anthony! I hope you guys had a great trip and are doing well :)

Brooooo another stunner. Good work

Thanks! haha regarding the light – that’s the videographer. Videographers make the best light people :) Thanks Red Letters Media

That’s awesome, did you have that guy hold that light down there for you?

That’s magnificent! Great shot!!

Julia Spiesberger

Beautiful! Had fun again just looking at the beautiful photos. It was an awesome wedding.
The photos says it all

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