Payton & Brittany: Engagement Photography in the North Carolina Mountains

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Brittany & Payton came to NC from Michigan and Kentucky to have an amazing engagement shoot on Roan Mountain, along the NC, Tennessee borderline, along the Appalachian Trail. I want to give so much credit to them. A front had passed just 30 minutes before we started the shoot, and left with 30+ knot winds for the rest of the afternoon. It took a lot of energy to deal with such force, and they did it effortlessly. We were all pretty worn out afterwards, but the results, well, check it out of yourself.


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  1. Catey Minnix

    Huffington Post agreed! I just got rid of those shoes we destroyed that day. Five years flies!

  2. Vesic Photography

    So glad you love it Brittany Leigh Carpenter! I had a great time and we got some awesome photos! Have a safe trip back home :)

  3. Jackie Markland

    Gorgeous pics. You will be a beautiful bride?

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