2016 Year in Review

February 22, 2017

The Year in Review blog post has quickly become my favorite post to put together. To look back through all the blog posts of the past year and relive all the fantastic weddings  – well, it’s something special. It’s amazing how the memories of everyone’s wedding and engagement shoots come flooding back in vivid detail. 2016 brought me to 42 weddings, a bunch of engagement shoots, and a lot of very fun couples and wedding receptions! Interestingly enough, the first wedding of the year was January 2  and the last wedding was December 31 – both in my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC! And in between, friends brought me to their weddings from the mountains to the beaches of North Carolina, down to Charleston, SC and up through Washington, DC into Jersey Shore, back through Baltimore, MD, the hills of Virginia, across the country to Chicago and Temecula, CA and back across again to St. Pete in Florida and a passport stamp to Sorrento, Italy.

And I’ve seen  honeymoon photos, baby bump photos, baby photos, and all the smiles that have continued after that last dance and exit. These 143 photos pulled from over 2,000 photos blogged, shows that if anything, 2016 was awesome. These smiles, hugs, kisses and laughs – the families and the friends – they’re everything. To all the people who worked hard to help make the weddings happen, we thank you. And to the the couples, my friends, who brought me in on their day, their weekend, you humble me. And I thank you. Cheers to all of you!


Thank you so much Shanna Nurkin! That really means a lot, and I hope you all are doing great!

Thank you Amondo Garrett! I’m so glad she chose me too! I really loved being part of your wedding. Everything about it was just right! lots of love to you and your family!

So many beautiful photos ❤️ We love how you captured our wedding but I’ve also loved seeing all the other gorgeous weddings and moments you’ve documented over the past year! Thank you for your amazing work!

What she said!!!so glad my wife chose you. Every time I look at our pics it’s like the first! Your work is amazing
Blessings to you

You know I would be there! lol, hope you’re doing great!

You are so good at what you do, Hooman! ❤. Stunning photos!

Where is the SUPER love button… <3?

If I ever get married again… I think I want you there almost as much as my fiance. hahah :-)

You are SO talented!! Beautiful photo, beautiful weddings captured!

Yes it was, thanks Rob Tesar :)

Ah no way! That makes me so happy! Miss you guys!

Thank you so much Kimberly Kehoe! We had such a great time, didn’t we? :D

The selfie you took with a group of us is still in our hallway! Along with all your amazing work when I was wedding happy with photos

Our best decision (aside from the one to get married) was having you as our photographer!! All of your pics are a work of art.

Meant every sentiment ;) – that use of light and emotion – #mesmerizing

We are not worthy…Maybe Jeff…But no, you are just WOW.

Allie Miller thank you, means a lot!

Thank you so much Amanda Brewer! You know you all are my favs!

Thank you Romil Desai! It really was an awesome weekend! And the engagement shoot too! Hope you all are doing great and I believe I’ll be seeing you later this year again :)

Too kind, thank you Julia Baehre Rothwell :)

Thank you Laila Pashnehsaz Baradaran!

Thank you so much Ginny Burton Stringer! You know there is no where else I would be!

Thank you Rayhaan Adams, that means everything! :)

Hooman, you have been to some amazing destinations and taken outstanding pictures of beautiful couples in their most personal and sacred moments. Thank you for your all inclusive panorama of love at its best in 2016. Love is Love is Love! However, most appreciated are the indescribably beautiful pictures of Melanie and Scott’s special day, of which you were not only the photographer but a member of our family. Thank you for including Mel and Scott in your review. Thank you for sharing your talent and for being the wonderful man you are!! <3

My sweet soul … this is perfection –

Fantastic photographer and person! Thanks for a memorable weekend Hooman!

Hooman Bahrani, one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! Thank you again!

Hooman, you are just the tops.