Braden & Taylor: Temecula, CA wedding photography at Lorimar Winery

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The drive from San Diego to Temecula is beautiful. But the main road in through Temecula, the Napa Valley of Southern California, with vineyards on either side of you, and the low cap mountains off on the horizon, is something else.

And it was the perfect setting for a beautiful wedding with Taylor & Braden. Everything from the first look and photos among the grape vines and rows of orange and lemon trees, to the outdoor ceremony and the reception under the stars; Lorimar Winery was a perfect venue for the wedding. And to top it off, super moon!

Words can never say as much as photos, so let’s get to it and see their wedding day, via photos. Cheers to Taylor & Braden!

(And I can’t leave without saying, it was not only so good to spend time with everyone, and especially to see Taylor again, but also Taylor’s mom Becki. She was no doubt one of the best wedding photographers around. And while I’ve photographed other wedding photographer’s weddings, you would think the pressure really is on if the mother of the bride is a wedding photographer herself. But it wasn’t at all! The only pressure was getting photos of her. Like any wedding photographer, we all generally don’t want the camera pointed at us. But, gracious as ever, she allowed for some great photos. Cheers!)



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