Freddie & Jennifer: Wedding in North Carolina

July 2, 2015

Heading out to towards the coast of NC, you come across some really nice stretches of land. On one of those stretches, Freddie and Jennifer set up an easy going, laid back, friends and family style wedding. A band, some food, some beer and you’ve got yourself a wedding that goes something like this. And the kids they dance and shake their bones –

Wedding in North Carolina

Cool vendors who helped make this wedding happen:


North Carolina Wedding-01

North Carolina Wedding-02

North Carolina Wedding-03

North Carolina Wedding-04

North Carolina Wedding-05

North Carolina Wedding-06

North Carolina Wedding-07

North Carolina Wedding-08

North Carolina Wedding-09

North Carolina Wedding-10

North Carolina Wedding-11

North Carolina Wedding-12

North Carolina Wedding-13

North Carolina Wedding-14

North Carolina Wedding-15

North Carolina Wedding-16

North Carolina Wedding-17

North Carolina Wedding-18

North Carolina Wedding-19

North Carolina Wedding-20

North Carolina Wedding-21

North Carolina Wedding-22

North Carolina Wedding-23

North Carolina Wedding-24

North Carolina Wedding-25

North Carolina Wedding-26

North Carolina Wedding-27

North Carolina Wedding-28

North Carolina Wedding-29

North Carolina Wedding-30

North Carolina Wedding-31

North Carolina Wedding-32

North Carolina Wedding-33

North Carolina Wedding-34

North Carolina Wedding-35

North Carolina Wedding-36

North Carolina Wedding-37

North Carolina Wedding-38

North Carolina Wedding-39

North Carolina Wedding-40


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