Ryan & Jen: Raleigh Wedding Photography at Prestonwood Country Club

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After spending a few hours with Ryan & Jen last December for their engagement shoot on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill, I knew we would have a great wedding in April at Prestonwood Country Club – and they didn’t disappoint.

The first image is a classy B&W photo of Jen & Ryan together. Typically we would head to the back end of Prestonwood where the golf courses are. But it was so crowded we decided to stay up in the front in the parking lot – which ended up working out for the best. We got to use the great front side landscaping and the light was fantastic. Also look for the photo of just the bridesmaids and the solo image of Jen. These are both in the parking lot as well. Pretty cool.

As you go through the images, take note of the origami bird. Jen’s mom made these by hand. They were everywhere, including on each plate setting. Props to Jen’s mom for being awesome like that.

You’ll also see Jen and Ryan made an outfit change into traditional Vietnamese wedding dress. Just prior to the reception starting, immediate family participated in a traditional tea ceremony. The groomsmen brought in covered trays of unique traditional symbolic items and it continued with the bride and groom serving the elder family members tea. In exchange, the family members provide the couple with gifts and advice. It was a cool ceremony.

The last set of reception shots speak for themselves. There is no doubt we threw down that night, and as probably a first, the awesome band Catching Fire relinquished control of the mic and the wedding party and friends took over. I expected a party, and these guys delivered big time. Fantastic. Cheers to Jen and Ryan as they’re back home, basking in newlywed love. Let’s check out some photos.

Raleigh Wedding Photography at Prestonwood Country Club

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