Matt & Lisa: New York City Engagement Photography

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Go big or go home. That’s what happens when you’re honored enough to get a call to photograph an engagement shoot with two of the top wedding photographers on the East Coast. A couple of weeks ago, Matt McGrawLisa Brown (Bella Rose Photography), my wife Debbie, and I packed up and headed to the Big Apple for an intense and fun all day and night photo shoot with energy only New York itself can bring.

We hit a great variety of locations from Williamsburg and Dumbo in Brooklyn, to Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Radio City, The Lincoln Center, Empire Hotel and of course lots of taxis. How long did all this take? We started at 3pm and finished at about 1am – so around 10 hours including several outfit changes, some great NYC pizza and late night food at the Empire.

Shooting in NYC is completely different than anywhere else. There are just SO many people, and changing locations is no easy task. A huge debt of thanks and gratitude has to go to my awesome wife Debbie, who was all smiles, even at 1am, as she had a full backpack on all day, carrying clothes, gear, hailing taxi’s 2 blocks ahead of us, etc. It would have been impossible without her. In addition, cheers to my brother Ramin, who lives in Brooklyn, and really set us up with a great plan of places to go and how to get there (for example you just don’t “go” to Central Park. You have to know where you’re going “in” Central Park and where to tell a cabbie to take you).

And of course, Matt & Lisa – if you’ve done an engagement shoot, you know it’s fun, but it’s also some work. To see them smiling and sexy at 1am is a testament to how much they love each other and how perfect they are for one another.

I’ve pulled a few of their photos for this gallery which shows a nice mix of what is New York. From the grittier side of the boroughs, to the warmer side of places like Central Park, to the glamorous night life of places like Radio City, it’s a series I hope you enjoy.

Cheers Matt & Lisa ! Can’t wait for April :)

New York City Engagement Photography

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