New York City + a NC Pig Pickin’ = Heather & Thomas’ wedding on a farm in Apex, NC

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Having been in NC and loving it for several years now, Heather & Thomas, who are originally from NYC, decided the best way to get married was to to bring the their city roots to their NC home. And they had an awesome time doing it! They mixed in new local friends, old city friends, the first perfect day after a blistering cold winter to have great wedding with a BBQ cooker, some pork, homemade sauce, Thomas’ own custom playlists – all set against the barn on a friend’s farm.

This was a great way to start the Spring weddings too – everyone was so laid back and and fun – and Thomas and Heather set the pace – always with big smiles, big laughs, quirky looks you couldn’t beat! As always, its tough limiting the photos to a small sample, but check the sun, the clouds, the smiles and the good times :)

A special shout out to my new friends Jean Paul who did some amazing makeup work for Heather (his new website is under construction), and to Brenda Behr who does watercolor paintings live at your wedding. I had never seen this before, and it was really impressive. You can see the watercolors she did of Heather & Thomas here.

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  1. Brenda Behr

    Hooman’s captured the very soul of Tom and Heather’s wedding. Many of the photos bring tears to my eyes. Excellent work.

  2. Heather

    AWESOME! You totally captured the spirit of the day and the colors are incredible! I know there’ll be some ordered for framing, for sure! THANKS HOOMAN!

  3. Laurie

    Hooman, these are fully awesome! The one of Heather about to descend the stairs with Tom waiting at the bottom… I had to pause the slideshow! Brilliant. I laughed! I cried! Your work is stunning.

  4. Tom

    Hooman, we couldn’t be more stoked after seeing the shots. You have a rare eye for capturing the moment. Between you and Brenda, we had the teamo-supremo capturing the true spirit of the day. Well done.

  5. Hooman

    Tom, Heather – Thanks so much! It was a blast being there, and I’m so glad you guys are happy! And Brenda rocks, she was awesome!

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