Brad & Meggie bring the love to the southern tip of Emerald Isle, NC

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You’ve just gotta love walking into a really nice, large yellow beach home on the NC coast to big laughs, smiles, and drinks. That’s how I started my morning a few weekends ago with Brad & Meggie. Meggie and her girls were getting ready all over this awesome 2 story home just a short walk away from the sand and ocean on the southern tip of Emerald Isle, NC.. It was great to see Tamara from Making Faces again, doing her usual awesome job on makeup and by 4pm or so, everyone was ready and we headed to the Land’s End club house for the beach ceremony and reception.

Rachel Munro or Bridal by the Sea was there in force putting the finishing touches on another fantastic looking site. I’ve never been to this part of Emerald Isle, but it was definitely really nice. Awesome beach, not crowded, and the club house had an awesome area where these great lanterns were hanging.

Although it did rain a little bit during the end of the outdoor dinner, it passed soon enough, and we were back outside for dancing, drinks and more good times. Congratulations to a super fun couple, Meggie & Brad, and thank you for having me! Take a minute, check out a few photos, and I’m going back to looking out the window, wondering if I should just move to the beach :)Zerhusen_0057Zerhusen_0351Zerhusen_0479Zerhusen_0599Zerhusen_0830Zerhusen_0883Zerhusen_1115Zerhusen_1128Zerhusen_1315Zerhusen_1439Zerhusen_1538Zerhusen_1549Zerhusen_1866Zerhusen_1876

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  1. Washington Dc Wedding Photography

    I love the emotion and use of light in these images. The pictures of just the couple are magical and extremely well captured. the light is amazing, I am sure your clients are very very happy!

  2. Daniel

    Love your photojournalism, man! Weddings in Australia just are not natural enough! Following your trend! Best of luck and thanks for your comments!

  3. Scott in Houston

    I love your beach wedding photography. The use of the awesome lighting really captured the bride and groom in some dramatic photos. The bride was really gorgeous on her special day.

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