The grace of Pinehurst + the beauty of Samoan culture and you have Emily & Pat

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Hang out with Emily and Pat for more than about 30 seconds and you’re guaranteed to be smiling. With her single cute dimple, Emily brings all the smooth grace of a classic girl from Carolina. And Pat – his big toothy grin brings the raw emotion and happiness of the Samoan’s in the South Pacific. Add in a really happy bunch of friend and family, stick them in a really nice resort of Pinehurst 1895 (Carolina Resort) in Pinehurst, NC, on a perfect summer day in August, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect wedding.

I have to admit, the 8am start on Saturday in Southern Pines had me a little worried. You see, the night before I was rocking it in Charlotte with Coldplay (which was an incredible concert, btw) and I was worried it might be tough with the alarm going off at 5am. Once I did get there though, and walked into the room with Emily and her girls, I was snapped back into it. Emily’s huge smile brought me back to life and hearing Mr. Brightside at 8:15am is great way to start a wedding morning! Kudos to the girls for playing awesome music when they were getting ready!

The day was great and couldn’t be better. An awesome ceremony led to the reception, where we saw Pat’s grandmother singing a classic Samoan wedding song while Pat’s mother did a hula for the couple. The grandparents presented the couple with lies and Emily went on to do a hula as the crowd gathered around and followed tradition by throwing money and the men pounding the floor – it was definitely something you had to see, and really, really cool.

Everyone had a fantastic time. The cake was delicious, the weather was perfect and the smiles never stopped. Congratulations guys!

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  1. Scott in Houston

    Awesome photography of a fantastic wedding. This is a really attractive bride and groom and your photography totally brought out the couples personality. I really like the photos you took of the wedding party.

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