Angie & Rob + Jade and baby on the way :)

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Sometimes it can be hard to think back what seems like ages ago – and its a bit odd to try at times. But going back to April of 2006, its pretty easy. 3 years ago this past April I was with Rob & Angie in Winston-Salem for their fantastic wedding. One where we saw Angie & her dad give what still remains probably the best Father Daughter dance to date (they really were very impressive) and one which made lasting friendships.

You might know from reading the blog that I’ve followed Rob & Angie to weddings from New York to California to Pennsylvania, and while they’ve always been in photos, it wasn’t until a couple of weekends ago when they were back in Winston that they became the focus once again.

Yes, they’re expecting a baby in November (I think its November lol). We went out on a Sunday afternoon with their super cool pooch Jade and had a fantastic time.  After a couple of hours we left with lots of smiles, lots of stories and one tired Jade!

These are just a few of the shots we took – and I hope you like them!


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