Safari photo opportunities-be prepared

If you plan to be on safari for several days, be sure to bring enough digital storage. You will never be faced with crossing an excellent photo opportunity and having to delete good images.

Know your camera - you do not want to miss a shot! Since many scenes, especially those with a high degree of contrast, can fool your camera's automatic metering practices by using the camera's exposure compensation and also the different metering options (spot, center-weighted and evaluative).

Experiment with shooting moving objects and anticipating the action. Some of your best photos will be animal interactions and animal on the move (birds fly, zebras running, lions hunting).

Be patient and wait for things to happen - you will be rewarded with spectacular opportunities. Also, when you come to a place that really take time to listen and observe, most of my best sightings have come when the vehicle is off and listen for clues. Constantly running around will not yield good results.

Try to include something in the foreground to enhance the feeling of depth when photographing landscapes. Something as simple as a rock, a termite heap or a person effectively add scale and interest to your composition.

Always be sure to focus on an animal's eyes, when possible. Under the eyes in sharp focus will make the difference between an image that works and one that is a throwaway.

Animals do not stay in one place for very long, be prepared for it. Always move carefully slowly and smoothly and stay the recommended distance when photographing or observing wildlife. ALWAYS be respectful of wildlife and never pressure or stress them.

Do not hesitate to go out on "bad" weather days - some of the most striking images are captured during inclement weather.

In summary, too many people shooting one of the most important parts of an African safari. The photographs are much more than just a record of where you've been and what you have seen the is something to look back on in recent years, or a way to share your experience with friends and family back at home. Moreover, many people get so much joy out of taking pictures even as they do in watching the animals and sights, and they will take great satisfaction in their pictures for many years to come.

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