Halloween is right around the corner

Halloween is right around the corner, so before I start inundating myself with family holiday movies it is time to fit a few scary effers in there. Last night I sat down with a few friends and watched the movie the Purge

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No beating around the bush here, this movie was pretty outrageous from the beginning. It takes place in the future at a time when unemployment and crime rate has been reduced to an all time low. This magical phenomenon is all credited to the infamous Purge, a yearly twelve hour period of time where the rich get to capitalize on their superior security systems and the poor get to fend for themselves as functioning members of society purge themselves of their violent natures without fear of legal repercussion.

This movie is a hybrid of the Strangers and the genre starting French movie Them. YES! There is an entire collection of movies that fit into this basic storyline. The Purge is no different. Scary people adorned in smiling masks for creep-factor end up barging uninvited into homes wielding knives and guns and all sorts of unsavory tools to assist with the torture, rape and murder that apparently curbs the murderous appetite of the population for an entire year.

The Purge follows the Sandin family where the household patriarch just completed the addition to his house after successfully getting rich selling security systems to all his loving neighbors. (I should use parentheses.) We come to find that all his "loving" neighbors are insanely jealous of his success. One neighbor even brings over homemade cookies to Mrs. Sandin and wishes her a safe Purge in a foreboding way that leads you to surmise that the mob of strangers that comes knocking on the Sandin door is not the mob they need to be afraid of.

I DO NOT recommend this movie.

If you are looking for an hour and a half of mind numbing distraction with a little creepy suspense and an overly exhausted attempt at social commentary, the Purge will be a good Halloween selection for you. However, if you are looking for a GOOD movie, you may want to look elsewhere.

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