David & Tyler: North Carolina Wedding Photography at Bella Collina Mansion

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was hanging out with David & Tyler in Charleston, SC. A cool city for two cool pharmacists. Who knew pharmacy could look so good. Which kept me looking forward to their wedding at Bella Collina in Stokesdale, NC.

Sitting on the water of Belews Creek, the mansion was taken over by the closest friends and family a few Saturdays ago in April. A cozy, late afternoon indoor ceremony led way to a perfect night out on the deck for the reception party. The bridal party kept the dancing going while the ring bearer, simply known under his moniker of The Phoenix had his one man dance show off to the side.

I can’t forget Maid of Honor Stephanie who was on top of things as Tyler’s right hand for the day. And of course all the cool bridesmaids who led several impromptu acapella versions of Boyz to Men (or some other 80s or 90s boy band – I just can’t tell them apart) to keep the dancing going after DJ Tyler blew the fuse on Bella Collina a few times :) Best Man and brother Patrick kept things funny with the toast and my sugar high was complete with endless candy from the candy bar and 2 slices of MaxieB cake thanks to the quick snags by Susan Marie, Summer and Sarah of Coordinated Events. As a side note, how cool is it that it turns out I met David’s sister Amanda 5 years ago when she was a bridesmaid at another wedding. Nice.

Thanks to the vendors below who helped out with the wedding and cheers to David & Tyler. Let’s check out the photos :)


  1. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-35

  2. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-01

  3. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-02

  4. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-03

  5. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-04

  6. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-05

  7. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-06

  8. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-07

  9. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-08

  10. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-09

  11. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-10

  12. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-11

  13. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-12

  14. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-13

  15. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-14

  16. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-15

  17. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-16

  18. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-17

  19. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-18

  20. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-19

  21. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-20

  22. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-21

  23. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-22

  24. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-23

  25. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-24

  26. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-25

  27. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-26

  28. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-27

  29. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-28

  30. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-29

  31. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-30

  32. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-31

  33. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-32

  34. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-33

  35. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-34

  36. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-36

  37. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-37

  38. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-38

  39. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-39

  40. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-40

  41. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-41

  42. Citron-635

  43. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-42

  44. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-43

  45. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-45

  46. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-44

  47. North_Carolina_wedding_photogaphy_Bella-46

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